Josh Warburton Washington County CommissionerAs most of you reading this know by now, I am running for Washington County Commissioner. Since filing to run in mid-March, I have had some the most incredible experiences. When I first decided to run, it was to some degree out of frustration at the one-sided political climate here. I felt like I was alone as no one else had stepped up to fill the void to help balance the government in Washington County. Since that time, and as I have come in contact with literally hundreds of people, I realize that I am so far from being alone in this venture. Hundreds of people have liked my campaign Facebook page, dozens have donated, and many more have already volunteered to help.

Fundraising is not something that I wish is necessary as part of this or any campaign. If there were a publicly funded option, where each candidate is allotted a certain amount of money in the interest of even competition, I would certainly go for that. As it is, I will be holding meet-and-greet fundraisers all over the county in the next six months, including at Sun River on May 10 and at Kayenta on May 12, with many more to come. This fundraising effort will be critical in the campaign to bring my message to the voters of Washington County, currently numbering over 72,000.

I have also publicly stated — and I will reiterate — that this is a grassroots campaign supported by the citizens of Washington County and that I will not be accepting any PAC money or corporate donations, some of which I have already turned down. This is a campaign truly of and by the people, and your voices will be heard come November. I encourage you to read my positions on, ask you to support my campaign — and if you do, please consider volunteering or contributing.

The amount of support I have received thus far has been absolutely overwhelming. People are coming out of the woodwork. Daily, I’m getting Facebook messages, text messages, emails, and comments from people on the street telling me they support my campaign. As I drive through Zion Corridor seeing the newly placed signs, I am truly moved with the wave of support. I think many, many people in Washington County are ready for more balance in our local government.

My position of supporting alternatives to the Lake Powell Pipeline project has resounded with many people of all political associations. I am also the biggest proponent of the proposed county animal shelter, which has been so needed for so long, and it was a core issue in Tara Dunn’s campaign for St. George City Council, which I helped manage three years ago.

Raising sheriff’s officers’ wages to being more in line with other Washington County departments’ officer’s wages and protecting our environment are two of the other eight issues I currently have detailed on As an unaffiliated candidate, I am truly independent and beholden to no one but the citizens of Washington County.

While my Republican opponents have done much less to define their positions, I have come out strong on the most critical issues facing Washington County. I like to say that if you don’t stand for something, you don’t stand for anything. So I am proud to put my positions out there for all to read and understand. This is why I believe I am the best candidate for Washington County Commissioner, and I urge you to get involved.

I want to give special thanks to everyone who has already stepped up and been a part of my campaign as your help has been essential in the process so far. Thank you all so much for the support.


Josh Warburton Washington County Commissioner

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