A flash mob invaded the Southwest Regional Cancer Clinic in St. George on Tuesday, Aug. 18. to celebrate local activist Linda Stay’s last chemotherapy treatment. Dancing to Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive,” the flash mob—comprised of friends and family—created smiles and laughs and lifted spirits for Stay and other patients receiving treatment. Medical staff of the cancer center were equally as entertained by the energy boost provided by the Linda Stay flash mob.

Linda Stay diagnosis and treatment:

Stay was diagnosed with an aggressive and invasive form of breast cancer at the beginning of 2015. In March, she underwent a double mastectomy as part of the initial treatment plan to prevent further spread of the cancer. Due to a successful bout with a brain tumor 20 years ago where she was originally given a life expectancy of three months, Stay was left with Cushing’s disease. This has proven to be a complicating factor in treatment for the breast cancer. The Cushing’s disease has increased her risk for complications and left her immune system in a severely weakened state. However, she beat the diagnosis 20 years ago and has said on multiple occasions that she expects to do the same with breast cancer.

Stay was scheduled to undergo eight rounds of chemo, with each round scheduled two weeks apart. There were treatment delays due to infections and side effect complications with her liver and blood. The flash mob invasion of the Southwest Regional Cancer Clinic was in celebration of Stay completing the chemo and to dance to good health.

Stay’s husband, Steve, said, “Now the challenge is rebuilding her immune system along with repairing the organ and tissue damage caused by the chemo. The scary part and reason to stay aggressive with immune building treatment is her extremely high recurrence score.”

Linda Stay flash mob – Family, friends, and community come together:

The immune system repairing and rebuilding treatment is costly. Friends have been supportive in showing their love. A fundraiser for Linda Stay was held in June, and another is being planned next month. Pink Party with Purpose will be hosted at The DiFiore Center on Sept. 18. The family has set up a Facebook page to share updates and information. In addition, a donation site has been set up where supporters can offer financial assistance to help with funding the life enhancing treatment.

There is a long journey ahead for Linda Stay. However, on Tuesday, she was able to celebrate with a flash mob of family and friends as she got to ring the bell to celebrate her last chemo treatment.


  1. Such an great day! It was amazing to see the support of such a wonderful group of family and friends. I’m glad I was witness to what I’m sure was the first, but hopefully not last flash mob in the St. George cancer wing 🙂

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