Obamacare making sick
Photo by ProgressOhio / CC BY 2.0

I have been healthy all my life, but now I must buy Obamacare or face a penalty. I don’t know which is going to be better, paying the penalty or buying the insurance. I decided it was best to buy the insurance.

But now I think I was healthier before Obamacare. Every time I hear the rate increases, I feel sick to my stomach, and my blood pressure goes up! I also read where the government is paying insurers billions with my money, and that’s making me feel even worse.

But when I look at Obamacare’s coverage, I have to smile. The coverage is good. I mean, now I even have maternity coverage, so if I ever get married, maybe I can use it?

I wonder if Catlin Jenner is using Obamacare for her sex change.

They say this insurance is gender neutral, but I’m not quite sure what that means.

And as for the deductibles, if only I could find a job that paid that much. Yes, the insurance is supposed to lower medical costs, and I can see why. Between the premiums and the deductibles, I can’t afford to get sick. This insurance is affordable, just like Obama said, but that’s because I can’t afford to use it.

If I can believe the Government, they say there are no death panels. But looking at all the costs, the premiums, and the deductibles, they don’t need them; the premiums and deductibles do the same thing!

I was thinking of reducing my hours so I qualify for a subsidy, but I only work 29 hours now.

Obamacare has created job variety; I’m working two jobs now so I don’t get bored.

Obamacare is also like a breath of fresh air… full of hidden pollutants!

I’m so glad John Roberts found the individual mandate to be constitutional. I’d almost lost faith in my government’s ability to screw up!