October Springdale
Image: Doug Dolde / CC BY-SA 3.0

Written by Springdale Mayor Stan Smith

October is a wonderful time of year in Springdale. With the onset of autumn, things are starting to slow down, the days are cooler, and the colors are thinking about changing. A lot of the hikes that were too hot to do in the summer are now very reasonable. For the convenience of visitors to Springdale, the shuttle buses are still running on a daily basis. Zion National Park tends to be less congested during October. It is just a great time to visit the area and relax outdoors. Safety is always an issue. Always check weather conditions before embarking on any adventure in the area, and know the condition of the trails that you want to hike before you go. It will be getting darker earlier, so you’ll need to make adjustments there. The fall sunsets are gorgeous, so make sure you have your camera ready. Most of all, welcome to Springdale. We hope your visit is pleasant.