Publisher’s Perspective
Image: Betsssssy / CC BY 2.0

Now that I’ve moved all my belongings to my new home in Springdale, I have the monumental task of organizing and consolidating even more. This is the second time in three years I have downsized my residence to a space less than half the size of the previous one. It’s crazy that I ever thought a four-bedroom, 3,300 square-foot house was a good fit for me. Now, squeezing my prized belongings into a little two-bedroom spot is going to be a challenge, but I’m doing it. Everything is just a little closer together, and I’ve already shed off dozens of unneeded items. I’m very much looking forward to settling in and relaxing in my new canyon residence.

As if that weren’t enough, October will be a pretty busy month for me, including performing at Live United Live: The Camping World Music Festival on Oct. 10, opening up for Howard Jones. It’s quite a unique opportunity, and I’m very grateful to have received the call. I’ve been dusting off some old tunes and learning a few new ones, and I plan to put on a show at the level of this big event. I hope you’ll all come out.

October also marks the leaves changing colors for most of southern Utah, but which has already begun up in Brian Head and the other mountain areas. I encourage all of you to take a trip up to Brian Head, Pine Valley, Cedar Breaks, or Zion Canyon to experience southern Utah’s fall colors in full effect.

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