The Independent Zion SpringdaleAs the old adage goes, all things must pass. Or in the words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin’. My life is set for some real change here in this next month, as I’ve signed the lease on an apartment in Springdale and will move from my home base of St. George where I’ve lived the majority of my life. Fear not, loyal readers, I will continue at the helm of The Independent, and if anything, I’ll do so with a fresher, more cultured perspective as I embed myself in a town of just over 500 residents but which touts close to 4 million visitors so far this year alone. If anything, the business will be enhanced by my ability to better serve our customers in the Zion Canyon area, where we are currently getting about a third of our businesses and growing.

Because of our presence in the Zion Canyon area for our near-20-year history, it was natural for us to produce the Zion~Springdale Guide that now accompanies every print copy of The Independent. It has been so well received that it grew from the initial eight pages to the current twelve-page version in the first couple of months of its existence, and there are plans to expand it even more in 2016. Along with and, the publishing of The Independent’s Zion~Springdale Guide has made us the dominant media presence in Zion Canyon, so it just makes sense for us to continue to pursue business there.

I’ve personally wanted to live in the Zion Canyon area for a few years, and with my one child, Sky, now 21 and comfortably living on her own (and acting as The Independent’s office manager) and sales booming in Zion, the timing feels right to make the move up to Zion. I am really looking forward to my new life, so if I seem a bit happier when you see me, you’ll know why.

Besides The Independent’s Zion~Springdale Guide, we also continue to grow our business in new areas, with our second and third custom website designs nearing completion. Check out and to see what we’re up to, and let us know if your company might like a beautiful new website.

Happy reading.