Publisher's PerspectiveWritten by Josh Warburton

It’s an interesting age to be in publishing, folks. Due to increased sales in our Zion~Springdale Guide—a section of The Independent print edition that is only two months old—we are now producing an expanded 12-page guide with even more amazing content for the greater Zion Canyon area. The four extra pages facilitate a listing of gift shops and galleries, an expanded list of services available in the area, an updated guide to Utah’s liquor laws, more event and activity articles, and much more local news. And per those increased sales, you’ll also notice some nice new advertisers. In addition to the expansion of our Zion~Springdale Guide and our total circulation reaching another all-time high this month (the largest in our area), we’re also still investing resources into our website, We have been flowing out fresh content daily. This includes more news and event coverage, as well as featuring the full menus of eight Springdale restaurants as of this printing, with more new content and menus going up each week.

We’ve also made some slight changes in the way we present our Clip-n-Save coupon section. You’ll notice that it has now been compacted into a smaller section on page 22, right before our Calendar of Events. It contains a similar number of coupons and ads as we have had recently, just all packed together for easy perusing. If you prefer to get your coupons online, all of those ads and great deals also go up on The Independent’s website,, with the entire Clip-n-Save section published at the beginning of the month and then the individual coupons published on a daily basis throughout the month.

Remember that July is a five Friday month, so be sure to check out our extensive calendar of events starting on page 26, and we’ll see you out in print next first Friday, August 7. Happy reading!