Publisher's Perspective

Written by Josh Warburton

So another year has come and gone and this one faster than usual for me. For us here at The Independent, 2014 will be remembered as an amazing year of growth. We also experienced our fair share of growing pains in that time as well. We bid farewell to some of our contributors including Kyle England, who reviewed albums for us for 13 years. In that time Kyle reviewed well over 600 albums for The Independent and his insightful contributions will be dearly missed. The Boneman is also gone for now…always hard to predict with that one.

Reporter Michael Flynn has moved on to greener pastures and to that end we are currently looking for a qualified news editor. If you’ve got the requisite experience in news writing and editing please send me your resume and samples to [email protected]. As we say farewell to some, we have also welcomed new writers and continue to seek out more as we expand.

We’re looking for contributors in news, opinion, and feature writing, including Kyle’s former spot reviewing albums. If you’re interested in writing for us please send a resume and writing samples to our editor, Greta Hyland, at [email protected]. We’ve also been feverishly fleshing out the opinion section at While we are quickly filling up those opinion writer spots, prospective opinion writers should contact our opinion editor, Dallas Hyland, at [email protected] Last but not least, we accept Letters to the Editor, so if you have one to submit, it should also go to Dallas. Happy reading and have a great new year!