Letter to the Editor: Recycling bins aren't just a place to dump your garbage
Photos: Marianne Hamilton

Recycling bins in St. George aren't for garbageRecently, I went to make our regular run to the recycling bins at Lin’s on Sunset, where the area surrounding the containers isn’t exactly pristine, but is usually tolerable. We’d barely turned off of Sunset when we saw horrible piles of crap outside of the bins. We were disgusted when we got closer and saw all of this. How can people be this clueless? They obviously believe that they can just dump stuff off at the recycling bins—whether it’s recyclable or not—and someone else will clean up after them; it’s mind-boggling. As the pics show, there was broken-down furniture, food, plastic bottles that someone(s) didn’t feel like squishing down, cardboard boxes they were too busy to cut up or break down, giant bags of metal cans, garbage, and God knows what else strewn everywhere around the recycling bins. Our hearts went out to the folks who run Lin’s; what an eyesore this has become in the past few months. If ever there were an argument in favor of curbside recycling, this would be it. Although in all likelihood, the idiots who left this mess behind at the recycling bins still won’t take the time to recycle their own waste properly, even if someone’s coming to their front door.

Recycling bins in St. George aren't for garbageI don’t get on a high horse too often, but St. George is such a gorgeous place, and the city’s powers-that-be clearly take pride in maintaining a lovely environment. So to see it being violated in such a fashion as I witnessed at the recycling bins just makes me apoplectic. Shame on those who are too “busy” (or too ignorant) to recycle properly. They’re destroying this beautiful place for everyone else.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Marianne Hamilton

St. George, Utah



  1. Hmmmmmm, do you think if the editor is going to post this showing others what they shouldn’t be doing, they could give people a phone number or a link to an establishment that’s willing to come and dispose of huge items that the dump trucks wont take?

    • I believe it’s called the city or county landfill, and people are required to get their possessions there if the items are too large for the trucks to take. Just taking it putting it in a parking lot that just happens to have something that resembles a dumpster (but clearly isn’t marked as one) isn’t an acceptable form of disposing of your garbage. It’s just making it someone else’s problem.

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