Sock colorToday, socks are seen as an accessory instead of just a necessity. We want our socks noticeable. So what does our sock color say about us?

Research shows that our clothing choices often dictate the way others view and treat us, but most importantly, what we wear impacts the way we feel about ourselves. Thus, wearing crazy socks might help us feel more confident, braver, and maybe even unpredictable, which could lead us to greater success in life.

Sock colorFor many years, the psychological properties of color have been studied. Are you attracted to a particular sock color? There is more than just mood involved—your favorite color of sock can reveal information about who you are as a person.


Red is a powerful color. Red socks are often worn by politicians. Red is masculine and grabs our attention. The color is lively and friendly but can be perceived as demanding and aggressive.


The color orange can give us a feeling of physical comfort and security. Orange is abundant and fun, but too much orange suggests frivolity and a lack of serious intellectual values.


Green shows the color of balance, which is an important concept for many people. Green brings a feeling of harmony but can also been seen as being too bland.


Yellow can lift our spirits and our self-esteem. The color is often worn by attention-seekers and office jokers. It is the color of confidence and optimism. But too much of the color yellow can give us fear and anxiety.

Sock colorBlue:

Blue affects us mentally. A person who seeks out blue is a person with a calm mind and clear communication. A trustworthy person will reach for blue socks. Blue can also be perceived as cold, unemotional, and unfriendly.


Purple indicates a person with a higher level of thought, a person with spiritual values, and someone who encourages deep contemplation or meditation. The color symbolizes royalty and communicates the finest quality.


Pink, like red, affects us physically, but is more soothing and nurturing. The color represents the feminine principle. The color can be physically draining and can be emasculating.


White is the color of purity and cleanliness. The color creates barriers and can be unfriendly and cold.


Black communicates sophistication and uncompromising excellence. A person choosing to wear black socks creates the perception of seriousness.

No matter what color sock you prefer, wear your socks proudly knowing that the color choice makes a statement about who you truly are.