St. George Bicycle Collective opens community bike shop in St. GeorgeThe St. George Bicycle Collective, a nonprofit organization that provides bikes to people in need, recently opened a community bike shop at 70 W. St. George Blvd.

The shop allows patrons to use the benches with the assistance of volunteer mechanics. Bins of used parts are kept on site for cyclists to use for repairs, and used and refurbished bikes are for sale. The St. George Bicycle Collective takes donated bikes, parts, and gear in any condition, and volunteers fix the bikes up or use them for parts. Anyone from the community is welcome to volunteer.

Customers support the charitable programs of the St. George Bicycle Collective with their purchases.

“All the bikes that we sell or fix up for those in need have been donated by people from the community,” said Judith Rognli, director of the St. George Bicycle Collective. “We have about 200 bikes in the back of the shop that are waiting to be refurbished. Many of us have that bike that we don’t need anymore sitting in our backyard. The Bicycle Collective is a great place for it. We are constantly looking for new volunteers who’d like to help fixing bikes or assisting at the shop. No prior experience is needed, we teach you what you need to know. Volunteering is a great way to learn about bikes and meet some great people.”

Rognli said that the St. George Bicycle Collective believes in the bicycle as a fun, affordable, and healthy way of transportation and as a tool that can be critical for self sufficiency for some.

“We strive to make bikes accessible and affordable for all and we love to see how bicycling is becoming a staple of our community,” she said.

More information about services offered by the St. George Bicycle Collective, membership, volunteering, or donations is available at

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