Southern Utah Songwriters Association recently announced changes in its fee structure and leadership and renewed focus on encouraging songwriting in southern Utah, particularly among youth.

The SUSWA board will be led by Dick Ericksen, and Megan Huard will join Ryan Tilby, Yvonne Wall, and Carolyn Murset on the board while Steve Lemmon and Jared Johnson will depart.

Rather than charging membership dues, the organization will switch to what it called a “subsidized ticket price” for SUSWA events. It will charge a “featured artist fee” on its website, and members will continue to receive the newsletter.

SUSWA will offer “Blues In The Schools,” which it says will be an introduction to blues music and its history with a songwriting focus in the hope of encouraging young musicians to start writing their own songs, prompting new growth in the songwriting community. The organization said it intends to continue with concert series, occasional clinics, and continued support of local musicians and writers.

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