The Photographer’s Story Red Cliffs Gallery
“Flaming Mountains” by Jim Beevers

Several talented local photographers from Click Focus Group Meetup and five Dixie State University photography students are displaying some of their favorite photos in an artists’ exhibit at the Red Cliffs Gallery from Friday, Oct. 9 through Oct. 30. Sponsored and highly supported by Coldwell Banker realtor Dan Gibbons and Red Dirt Car Wash owner Bradley Cox, who are also exhibiting, the show hosts a wide variety of talent and expression through subject matter and technique. Meredith Bowman, Click Focus Group Meetup organizer, has also asked the exhibitors to do some soul searching by writing their personal statements so viewers can choose to enter the artists’ creative worlds while browsing the art.

The Photographer’s Story Red Cliffs Gallery
“Water and Leaves” by Yvonne Baur

You’ll read some amazing stories. You’ll understand what turns that photographer on and keeps him or her searching for that perfect shot. You may even find that piece de resistance that will embellish a certain favorite wall space in your home. There are landscapes, wildlife, flowers, seascapes, and lots more interesting subjects and treatments of the digital pixel, including some fractals.

“Remove the blindfold of indifference. That’s what I aim to do with my photos. Too often we go through life with our eyes turned inward towards our busy schedules, our wants, our needs,” reflects Melani Wright in her artist statement.

“The blood of the two great adventurers of the last century, Eric Shipton and Wilfred Thesiger, must flow through my veins. Around the next corner is a breathless landscape and interesting people,” writes Tom Martin.

“I like a challenge and my challenge as a photographer is to capture an image with a ‘special something’ that makes it stand out from the rest and just grab the attention of the viewer,” says Jim Beevers in describing his calling. “In a wildlife scene I feel that ‘special something’ is a position or expression that the human viewer can relate to emotionally.”

The Photographer’s Story Red Cliffs Gallery
“Nike Site Tree” by Dan Gibbons

”My photography is an expression of myself and my interest in the history and stories around me and in places around the world,” explains Judy Martin. “The photo of Shipton’s Arch was inspired by article about the rediscovery of the arch by a team from National Geographic Magazine … Walking in Eric Shipton’s footsteps, reflecting on the man and the explorer and seeing the arch for the first time is an amazing experience. The largest freestanding arch in the world is before me—a 1,200-foot span. Magnificent!”

Bill Gorton defines the difference between landscape and wildlife photography.

”The Mittens don’t move. A thousand or more years from now they will be where they are today. Light and composition are major factors in landscape photography. Oh, for the Golden Hour with an approaching thunderstorm, lightning flashing and the Mittens in the foreground! Whereas the Grizzly photographer only hopes that he has got the beast dead center in the narrow depth of field of his telephoto lens and that it doesn’t drop to all four and charge. The golden rule for the wildlife photographer is simple: f-8 and be there!”

Dan Gibbons, a local realtor at Coldwell Banker, has given of his time and immense energy to help organize our preliminary meetings and design much of our promotional art, as well as exhibiting a few of his favorite photos. He relates.”Many times I am excited to take a shot that conveys the solitude of beauty in nature, often that shot hides the crowd and chaos just out of the frame. The person viewing the photo actually has a better and quieter vantage point than the photographer had.”

The Photographer’s Story Red Cliffs Gallery
Photo of Shipton Arch by Judy Martin.

Artists are also offering their photos for sale individually and will have their contact information available at the gallery desk. Everyone is invited to the reception Friday, Oct. 9, from 6 to 9 p.m. Come meet the artists, peruse and learn about their world of aesthetics, enjoy the refreshments. and mingle. We’ll have prizes for the artists in two categories: conventional photos and artistically computer-enhanced photos.

Red Cliffs Gallery is located at 220 N 200 E, the former city annex, in the remodeled front of the commons building, just across the street from St. George City Hall. This spacious, naturally lighted location is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Oct. 30. Appointments can be made for showings on Saturdays and Sundays by contacting the artists. Click Focus Group Meetup members as well as local St. George photographers can join in to future shows. Visit for membership in the local meetup.

For more information, contact Meredith Bowman at (805) 633-0113.