UDOT Traffic App
Found in the App Store (iOS or Android) – all screen captures by Bob Kulon

The Utah Department of Transportation provides us with a few smartphone apps to assist driving. The app of interest here is the UDOT Traffic app, available for iPhone or Android phones from their respective App stores. This UDOT Traffic app is quite informative. It has matured in recent years to provide up-to-the-minute information on statewide driving conditions. The app is free. Just get it, you will be quite pleased. To make things easier, the QR codes shown below can be scanned with your phone right here and now from this screen.

Point your smartphones camera at the QR code for your phone. You should be taken right to the download screen.

UDOT Traffic app’s architecture

Once you install the app on your smartphone, you will have access to screens for each of these functions:

—Mapping showing layers for traffic, construction, road conditions, road forecast, or bike paths. You can choose the locations and zoom. Interesting to me was the plethora of traffic cams that have been set up in St. George. Big Brother is watching!

UDOT Traffic App
Traffic cams for a portion of St. George. This is a larger screen available if you are running the tablet version of the app.

—Verbal alerts such as emergency, road weather, incidents, special event, construction, lane closures, or construction projects.

—Weather reports including travel advisories, readings from statewide weather stations and road forecasts.

—Mountain pass conditions.

The look and feel

In this section, you can get a glimpse of the operational screens for each module.

UDOT Traffic App
Traffic Report app start screen (first time only).

Other UDOT Apps

Before we call it a day, I’d like to make you aware of two additional apps UDOT provides for smartphones.

UDOT Citizen Reports

This app allows trained volunteers to report road road and weather conditions directly to the meteorologists at UDOT’s Traffic Operation Center. Once again, this app is a free download.

UDOT Traffic App
UDOT Click ‘n Fix App

UDOT Click ‘n Fix

This app allows you to report issues you see on Utah’s state highways and interstates, like potholes or signal problems, directly to UDOT. It’s also a free download.