Study shows Utahns to be most competitive Black Friday shoppersStudy shows Utahns to be most competitive Black Friday shoppers

Study shows Utahns to be most competitive Black Friday shoppersUtah is apparently the most fiercely bargain hunting state in the union, based on Black Friday research by Web Builder Expert.

The site used the 10 most frequently used search phrases online during Black Friday last year and created a heat map of the United States. The data used came from Google Trends and SEMrush, an online marketing research tool.

According to the study, Utah came out on top for three of the top 10 Black Friday searches, including “black friday deals” and “best black friday deals.” By this metric, Utah can now boast being the most meticulously thrifty bargain-hunting state during Black Friday. Idaho and Arizona were next in line.

As evidenced by the heat map, Bible Belt states attempted to keep up, but despite the prevalence of Goodwill thrift stores throughout the region and a reputation for a good fist fight at the local WalMart, they were ultimately unable to compete with the unrivaled frugality of bargain-shopping Utahns.

The least competitive Black Friday shoppers were the northeastern states like New York, Connecticut, and Vermont, who apparently didn’t even try to keep up.

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