Utah Chapter of Sierra Club welcomes Ashley Soltysiak as new chapter directorOn Oct. 25, the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club announced that Ashley Soltysiak has become the new chapter director. The chapter, which works throughout all of Utah on multiple environmental and conservation fronts such as clean air and public lands, selected Soltysiak based on her background, skills, and enthusiasm to lead the future work of the chapter.

Soltysiak has a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology and zoology and a master’s degree in environmental policy. As the chapter director, Soltysiak will provide leadership for the chapter and overall administration as well as work to expand the work of the chapter. She will also actively engage with volunteers, donors, land managers, legislators, executive board members, and media.

“Now is the time for action, amplifying our grassroots power, influencing elections, and prioritizing environmental and public health,” Soltysiak said. “In this moment of immense possibility, I am thrilled to dive into these issues with the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club. With the chapter, I am ready to take on the challenges ahead and to invigorate and inspire positive change.”

Soltysiak joins the chapter from a partner environmental organization, Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah, or HEAL Utah, where she worked as the policy director. With HEAL Utah, Soltysiak directed clean air campaigns, lobbied lawmakers and regulators, and advocated for better air quality through outreach to the public and the media.

“The chapter is uniquely positioned to transform local politics and policy in defense of the wild,” said Will McCarvill, the chapter’s executive board vice chair. “And I am confident with Ashley leading this charge, that’s just what we will do.”

The Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club is a grassroots organization. In contrast with most other environmental groups, most of the chapter’s work is done by volunteers, supported by a small number of paid staff. Volunteers help with phone banks, events, outings, attending public meetings and hearings, leading campaigns, writing letters, and participating on committees.

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