Tomorrow's "feminist" Women's March event in Las Vegas, Power to the Polls, is everything wrong with feminism and identity politics.The Women’s March on Washington: Since when are all women leftists?

The anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington, a hissy fit of epic proportions, is nigh with tomorrow’s Power to the Polls in Las Vegas. The sheer political gravity produced by such concentrated efforts at virtue signaling crushed the last frail vertebrae of feminism’s corpse last year. But where there are cultural Marxists, there’s sure to be third-wave feminism.

My favorite (read: least favorite) leftist hypocrite from this particular movement was (and still is) Linda Sarsour, the Muslim feminist — an actual living and breathing oxymoron. She’s still exhaling poisonous gases in the form of words: “In addition to being willing to follow and support Black women, we all must commit to fighting the systemic voter suppression laws that inhibit so many of our communities from voting.”

First, as an editor, I have to note the capitalization of “Black,” presumably because identity politics have reached such a fever pitch with the left in 2018 that races are all proper nouns (except for “white” or “caucasian,” which are racist races).

But more important is the nefarious implication that voter laws are somehow suppressive.

Watch the left continue to do this. With Clinton’s campaign, first they screamed that there was no such thing as voter fraud, then they accused Donald Trump’s campaign of voter fraud. I loved it!

They talk about peace but encourage immigration policies that have sent unprecedented waves of rape through Europe. Our already bad and badly enforced policies have heinously exacerbated the gimme culture. The one percent love it because — hey! — cheap labor. And the Democrats love it because they get more hungry mouths that can vote but can’t, or won’t, think.

And somehow this is the agenda of a “feminist” movement. This is why so few women identify as feminists.

Since when is feminism about peeing one’s pants over grievances that have already been addressed?

There is no rape culture in America, beyond the one that Muslim and illegal immigrant cultures bring along with them. Rape is illegal, and as the disastrous #MeToo movement (more on that soon) has demonstrated all too well that all one has to do is accuse someone of not even rape put impropriety and bye-bye career. If you want to see a rape culture, look at an Islamic society. That’s rape culture. Yeah, let’s import lots of that into America!

There is no wage gap. There is an earnings gap. That is because women earn less. That is because they work fewer hours in fields that pay less. They do this by choice. If there were an actual wage gap, obviously people would stop hiring men and start hiring women — because if they’re really paid 70-something cents on the dollar, why wouldn’t you hire a woman?

So now what are they marching for? Voter registration. From the website: “This next stage of the movement will channel the energy and activism of the Women’s March into tangible strategies and concrete wins in 2018.”

Wins for whom?

Not for conservative women who realize that the United States of American is home to Americans first and foremost and that the United States government exists to protect the interests of the people rather than to fulfill some poetic rhetoric posted on a statue sitting in New York Harbor.

Not for American lower-income workers, who are having to compete with immigrants for everything from jobs to college entrance for their American children.

Not for free speech advocates, who currently struggle under a McCarthyesque environment wherein “hate speech” is whatever someone doesn’t like — and it’s illegal because their feelings were hurt and they said so.

No, these will be wins for the America-hating cultural Marxists, the Soros-leeching parasites who run vertiginous social chaos engines like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. These are leftist wins for a political party that is more concerned with seizing and holding power at any cost than with our national sovereignty or the integrity and well-being of the American citizenry.

The implication is clear to me that they mean to sign up people who will vote for the Democratic Party. Hence the constant pandering to racial groups, women, and immigrants — legal or not. This is particularly insulting to women and racial groups because it assumes that there are no conservatives who aren’t white men. And by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s not men who are being raped by immigrants. Hey ladies, I guess you’re all liberal now. Yee-haw, feminism!

I resent the Women’s March being named after women, although since I’m not a woman I have no personal grievance. However, I would propose “The Whiny Leftist Propagandist March” or “The Fuck Free Speech All Feelings Matter March,” or “The Race-obsessed And Constantly Race-baiting But Honestly Not Racist Identity-politicking Virtue Signalthon” or the “You Can Rape Me And My Daughters Because You’re Just A Poor Little Refugee March.”

I can keep cranking these out. Just say the word.

As I’m sure most of us do, I fully support the right of all legal and eligible citizens to vote, which is why it is insulting to women to name leftist antics attempting to corrupt the voter base after them. Not all women are liberal, and co-opting an entire race or gender by naming a political movement after them is everything that’s wrong with identity politics. Real feminism recognizes that women are individuals with varying beliefs, abilities, and opinions, and the Women’s March is a slap in the face for each and every one of them.

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  1. “No, these will be wins for the America-hating cultural Marxists, the Soros-leeching parasites who run vertiginous social chaos engines like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.”

    Cultural Marxism doesn’t exist and George Soros does not run BLM or Antifa; these are conspiracy theories. This whole piece reads like Breitbart-esque trash. I thought The Independent was better than this.

    • Cultural Marxism does exist. George Soros does not run BLM but he does fund them. If you have access to a computer, you can do an internet search for yourself and avail yourself of the wealth of knowledge that would have saved you from making the above erroneous comment. If you would like to submit an opinion piece or letter to the editor outlining the evidence that proves the nonexistence of cultural Marxism or that cash has not flowed from Soros to Antifa and BLM, by all means prove yourself right and me wrong.

  2. If the Independent chooses to publish an opinion article that is so full of non factual rubbish, it would be a good idea to also publish an opposing opinion . The only article that I could find that met that criteria was written last year after the Woman’s March in 2017. I found Jason Gottfried’s opinion article quite offensive and not representing why men and women marched this past weekend.

    • While I don’t go out of my way to offend, I am not concerned with what you or anyone finds offensive; I am concerned with what is true and what is not. You’ve failed to refute anything I said, although I welcome you to do so. If the truth offends you, that is something for you to sort out yourself. The opposing opinion piece you mentioned is waiting for you to write it. We’ll gladly publish it if you choose to do so. If not, stand back and behold the impotence of posting how one is offended without directly addressing the facts themselves.

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