Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre winterFor the first time in five years, the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre will be staying open through the winter months. In previous years, the movie theater boasting the largest screen in Utah and one of the largest in the world—measuring 60 feet high and 82 feet across—has closed during the months of January and February, reopening in March.

While the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre is perhaps best known for the documentary “Zion Canyon, Treasure of the Gods,” the film for which the theater was built in 1994, this year moviegoers will be able to catch some of Hollywood’s biggest releases. On Nov. 20, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” opened and will run until Dec. 18, when “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” hits the Zion big screen.

In January, “Zion Canyon, Treasure of the Gods” will return with select showings, and on President’s Day weekend, the theater will feature the premier of “National Parks Adventure.”

For more information, including show times and prices, visit zioncanyontheatre.com.


Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre

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Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre

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Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre

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