agolfKevin Lucas of Folsom, California, is the winner of Mesquite Gaming’s 2016 Nevada Open, taking home the coveted trophy and a check for $28,000. Finishing at 19-under-par, Lucas had four birdies and one eagle on the final championship day.

Just days prior to the big win, Lucas was 30 minutes from earning official status on the Tour. Late during his final round of the second stage of PGA Tour school, Lucas was within the score needed to become exempt for the 2017 Tour season, which would put him that much much closer to securing a spot on the PGA Tour. A faulty finish of bogey, triple bogey at Oak Valley Golf Club in Beamont, California, cost him.

After speaking with friends and family, Lucas gathered himself and made the trip to Mesquite to play in the annual professional state championship for the second time, which proved to be worth the effort.

“Last week was one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with and to come back and win this tournament just four days after a bad finish at the Tour is the ultimate redemption,” said Lucas. “It feels good to play well and I feel so much gratitude to be here.”

Kevin Lucas wins the 2016 Nevada Open, presented by Mesquite Gaming on Thursday, Nov. 10 at the CasaBlanca Golf Club in Mesquite, Nevada.
Kevin Lucas wins the 2016 Nevada Open, presented by Mesquite Gaming on Thursday, Nov. 10 at the CasaBlanca Golf Club in Mesquite, Nevada.

Lucas fired rounds of 64-65-68–197 to win the Nevada Open and collect the first-place check of $28,000. It was the largest payout of Lucas’ professional career. He played two years at the University of Nevada where he won a tournament as a senior prior to turning professional. Playing well overall with 22 birdies and an eagle, Lucas said the Nevada Open win was arguably the finest of his career.

“The Nevada Open is a tournament so many of us professionals look forward to each year,” said Lucas. “With a field of 216 players, winning here is right up there with my best ever. It’s a good field, so I am humbled to come out on top. Golf is so competitive now and it’s very competitive all the way down to the mini-tours. I shot 19-under-par and I won by one shot. That shows you how deep golf is right now.”

Once again, the popular Nevada Open was sold out and the field was expanded to 216 players, plus the increased purse from $125,000 to $140,000.

“The progress that the Nevada Open has made over the years is amazing,” said Nevada Open Tournament Director Christian Adderson. “We were sold out and had 40 players on the waiting list, so I think that is a testament to how the tournament is run and the great prize money that is available. We believe we offer a first-class tournament and the players really enjoy everything about it and we appreciate all of them coming to play.”

Nick Killpack from St. George shot 18-under-par and finished second while former PGA Tour player Jeff Gove of La Quinta, California, finished third at 17-under-par. Former Nevada Open champion Seann Harlington of North Vancouver, BC, shot 64, the lowest score of the final round, and finished tied for fifth at 14-under-par. Cory Chavez of La Mirada, California, was the low amateur.

1 Kevin Lucas, Folsom, CA 64-65-68–197
2 Nick Killpack, St George, UT 64-67-67–198
3 Jeff Gove, La Quinta, CA 67-65-67–199
4 Douglas Quinones, Sioux Falls, SD 68-65-68–201
T5 Seann Harlingten, North Vancouver, BC 72-66-64–202
Jim Knous, Englewood, CO 67-67-68–202
Trevor Simsby, Carlsbad, CA 65-65-72–202
Pete Fernandez, Costa Mesa, CA 70-63-69–202
T9 Kyle Souza, Sonoma, CA 67-70-66–203
Bryan Kruse, Westminster, CO 67-69-67–203
Hudson Carpenter, Stillwater, MN 70-64-69–203
T12 Johnny Ruiz, Simi Valley, CA 70-66-68–204
Connor Tendall, North Potomac, MD 71-68-65–204
T14 Jesse Mueller, Phoenix, AZ 69-66-70–205
Gregor Main, Danville, CA 71-67-67–205
Benjamin Briscoe, San Clemente, CA 66-71-68–205
Joel Lynn, Lillington, NC 67-70-68–205
T18 Michael McCabe, Moorpark, CA 67-69-70–206
Jared Sawada, Mililani, HI 67-71-68–206
T20 Eddie Olson, Aptos, CA 74-64-69–207
Chris Gilman, Yorba Linda, CA 67-71-69–207
Brandon Kida, Layton, UT 70-66-71–207
James Holley, Chatsworth, CA 69-69-69–207
Riley Wheeldon, Comox, BC 66-70-71–207
T25 Kevin Stinson, Phoenix, AZ 71-70-67–208
Mitchell Carlson, Las Vegas, NV 72-67-69–208
Harold Calubid, Long Beach, CA 70-67-71–208
Jon Trasamar, Blue Earth, MN 67-73-68–208
Sean Bosdosh, Clarksburg, MD 68-72-68–208
T30 Phillip Reedy, Las Vegas, NV 73-64-72–209
Scott Smith, Fallon, NV 70-68-71–209
Austyn Karle, Scottsdale, AZ 71-67-71–209
Nathaniel James, Fort Worth, TX 68-70-71–209
Sun Kyu Baek, La Habra, CA 70-64-75–209
Brian Thornton, Sumner, WA 73-66-70–209
Parker Edens, Greeley, CO 68-70-71–209
T37 Dusty Fielding, St George, UT 69-72-69–210
Derek Zellmer, Tempe, AZ 70-70-70–210
Matthew Whittaker, Mesa, AZ 73-67-70–210
Tye Gabriel, Portland, OR 73-68-69–210
Christopher Evans, Shelton, WA 69-70-71–210
Andre DeDecker, Menlo Park, CA 72-69-69–210
T43 Jeff Berkshire, Scottsdale, AZ 68-70-73–211
Michael Weaver, Fresno, CA 70-69-72–211
Caleb Johnson, Tampa, FL 68-70-73–211
Thomas Campbell, Minnetonka, MN 67-73-71–211
Taylor Travis, Fremont, CA 70-70-71–211
Li-Yuan Chen, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 72-69-70–211
T49 Matt Pridey, Salinas, CA 72-69-71–212
Andrew Vijarro, Charleston, SC 69-71-72–212
Andy Connell, Denver, CO 68-72-72–212
Joel Skarbo, Seattle, WA 68-72-72–212
David Gazzolo, Riverside, CA 64-72-76–212
Kaz Hoffman, Tiburon, CA 65-72-75–212
T55 Kevin Hayashi, Hilo, HI 67-72-74–213
Luke Vivolo, Carmel, CA 70-67-76–213
Jacob Low, Gilbert, AZ 70-69-74–213
Patrick Colburn, Traverse City, MI 69-71-73–213
T59 Eddie Stewart, Jackson, WY 70-69-75–214
Alexander Kline, Ramsey, MN 69-71-74–214
T61 Scott Petersen, Parker, CO 68-73-74–215
Dale Smith, Coronado, CA 71-69-75–215
63 Jered Stone, Monterey, CA 72-69-75–216
64 Matt Crockett, Chandler, AZ 71-68-78–217
65 Taylor Hood, Corona, CA 71-70-77–218