Brian Head Resort 2017–18 season's opening weekend
We couldn’t possibly wait any longer! I don’t think I can remember not being on a snowboard by Thanksgiving weekend — it’s pretty much tradition around here. While early snowfall hit many Utah resorts a few months back, it definitely brewed some excitement about what the possible 2017–18 winter season might look like. Now that we are here in late November, that excitement has turned into dances, prayers, beard growing, and ski-burning snow rituals that will have many outsiders thinking this record warmth has gotten to us, and they may be right. It certainly does not help when Facebook brings back those memories a year later and you’re left to think, “Hmm, that looks like something I remember called winter!”

Snow or not, real or fake, nothing will keep me from a change in altitude and scenery, especially when it’s right in my backyard. I grabbed a couple of buddies and made plans upon hearing that Brian Head Resort will be opening, forgot about my office duties for a day (sorry guys), and headed up with just the mere goal to have fun, a recipe that has always worked for me in the past. After a few “breakfast smoothies” (ahem) in the parking lot, we ascended with stoked and marveled at what nature and man had prepared for us. While the resort only had one lift running on this early season day, all we cared about were our boards underneath or feet and making the first turns of the season.

Thoroughly impressed by how good the snowpack was and that we still had a few moves in us, we glided along with not a care in the world except being back where we belong. I’m always impressed at all the locals and travelers alike that come and fill up the slopes weekend after weekend as well as the entire staff that is ready to serve and make your experience the best it can be. I can’t wait until all the terrain is accessible as well as for the long party weekends to begin. I can’t personally thank the staff at Brian Head Resort enough for their hospitality and good times on and off the slopes, and I look forward to another great season with all my new and old friends enjoying what we do best. It really is great to be back, and looking outside as I was typing this, it sounds like the winds are changing, so get yourself and your gear in shape and ready to hit the slopes when Mother Nature decides it is time to do so. See you on the hill! Stay up to date on when the resort will open more terrain and events at, and follow along my adventures here.

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