Cliff notes on golf business 101As someone who has played golf for the majority of his entire childhood, one concept that I have learned is to never dwell on the past, even though the game of golf does create a lot of memorable experiences. One vital part of playing the game is understanding how much it can parallel not only a person’s life but his or her career. It is commonly known that a lot of great business opportunities have emancipated from golfing. Golf also parallels a person’s ability to be an effective business colleague simply by networking on the golf course. A recent study, “Golf and the Business Executive,” prepared by Research and Forecasts, Inc., showed that approximately one-quarter of the 25 million golfers in the United States are business executives. Of the 401 executives surveyed, 93 percent of them agreed that playing golf with a business associate is an effective way of creating a closer business relationship.

To transition this idea for college students is to say that golf is the new MBA for business administration graduates. A majority of golfers have heard this term explaining that you can learn a lot more about a person by playing four hours of golf with them than accompanying them to a board room once a week. Golf can bring out the absolute worst and best traits in people. Some of the common traits business executives distinguish their fellow business partners when playing golf are the following:

—The ability to judge when and how to take risks.

—Understanding that par is a good score.

—Mental stability.

—Attention to detail.

—Recovery from failure.

—Humility of storytelling.

—Perfection is simply a slope.

In order to promote golf in the workplace, the business world has to be the leader in breaking the glass ceiling, enabling businesswomen to make a known presence on the golf course. As a businesswoman, there are many distinct advantages taking your game to the course. In the aforementioned study, female executives who play golf with handicaps of 10 or less average an annual salary of $147,000 compared to male executives who average $118,000.

One of the major associations in the country for businesswomen to play golf is the Executive Women’s Golf Association. The association is the largest women-focused amateur golf association in the United States. The core focus is to connect business and professional women who enable themselves to create and expand business relationships through the game of golf.

The Executive Women’s Golf Association can enable women to play more golf, not only for creating business relationships but for the fun of the game. Only about 20 percent of the 25 million golfers are women.  As an engaging tool to promote golf, the association can promote women to help their professional career, be outside rather than the office, exercise, be with friends, travel anywhere to play, and the best part is shopping. Essentially, you can’t play the game unless you look good doing it!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

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