Desert Dogs
Photo by Robin Kirker

This is a feature story that almost writes itself. Being the “dog person” that I am, it’s quite easy to find folks of a similar ilk. You see them at the public parks playing Frisbee, walking their dogs, and congregating at the dog parks. There are a lot of us in the area. My observation indicates that the Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) is a favorite, but that is far from researched.


A few months back, I was with Bruce and Shirley Smith on a photo shoot. We got to talking, and they mentioned that they are very active in dog outings in and around St. George. Most of these are out of the city in the desert. Dogs delight in being out in nature, away from temptation and harm and romping about. Nature, in our case, means desert. As owners, we watch for overheating and snakes as well as cacti and other nasty vegetation. Occasionally our furry friends enjoy a swim in the river (even my little Hannah, who otherwise detests water).

On Facebook, I recently noticed that a longtime friend, Robin Kirker, had been posting daily pictures from her sunrise walks with her dogs. That is when I got the idea for this photo essay.

Having reached that point, I asked one more friend, Leslie Nu, to join the fray with her “five girls” (Bedlington Terriers and Chinese Cresteds, of all things).

And so, ladies and gentlemen, these are the desert dogs! Two things: Get a rescue, and treat them right. Enjoy!