Before opening eSolarCycles in January of 2016, Mike Lowe had done a number of things including making and selling traditional bikes. After testing out retirement for a while, he decided that he wanted another adventure. Lowe decided to get back into the bike industry, so he jumped into the fastest growing part of that industry—electric bikes.

Electric bikes have taken over in Europe, and the trend is now making its way west. Talking about the benefits of electric bikes, Lowe noted that a lot of retirement-age people want to get out and enjoy the scenery of southern Utah but aren’t in the same physical condition they were when they were younger. The thought of hoping on a traditional bike and grinding up a hill just seems too intimidating. Electric bikes allow you to enjoy all that southern Utah’s landscape has to offer while getting a workout, but with the help of the electric motor, you don’t have to take on all of the burden. As he said, “You can get on an electric bike and really enjoy getting back in shape again … it’s really opened up biking for a lot more people now.”

In fact, while they love helping anyone of any age get into electric bikes, the folks at eSolarCycles (located on 946 W. Sunset, just off Bluff across from the Phoenix Plaza) find that most of their clientele are 40 years old or older. Many of their clients are even learning to enjoy cycling in their 80s.

For the crew at eSolarCycles, southern Utah was a perfect spot for the electric bicycle movement to pick up some momentum in the state. With our large population of active retirees, the stunning landscape, and the amount of paved (and unpaved) trails to explore, southern Utah had everything except an electric bicycle focused retailer. Now with eSolarCycles open for business, there is nothing to stop the adventurous individual (or couple) from getting outdoors.

One of the problems many couples of all ages face when venturing outdoors together is a difference in ability level. One person often has to speed up or slow down more than they’d like to accommodate their partner. As Lowe pointed out, electric bikes make it so that “You can ride not only to your ability but to your partner’s ability.” This makes holding a conversation while biking through the wonders of southern Utah not only possible but much more enjoyable.

At eSolarCycles, I found a wide range of electric bicycles in both price and style. They carry the very popular Magnum line, including the cool and convenient folder style, which makes storing and transporting your electric bike a breeze. Some of their most popular styles are the recumbent, trike, and tadpole (reverse trike) styles.

After chatting with Lowe for a bit, I wondered about those cyclists who’d already purchased an expensive traditional bike, only to find out that they weren’t quite up to the task of tackling some of southern Utah’s hills, something I could easily see myself doing. Smiling, he told me that they love doing custom bike jobs and transitioning a customer’s traditional bikes into an ideal electric bike.

If you’ve been thinking of taking up cycling or just wanting to get outdoors more often but are unsure if you can handle the physical challenge, there is no better time than now to discover that you can, and there is no better place to get started than eSolarCycles.

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