fall winter fashion trends southern Utah
Photos courtesy of Blue Linen Boutique

Written by Jessica Tempfer

Southern Utah is finally feeling the crisp air of fall, and from oversized sweaters and fringe on everything to fun graphic tees, the fall and winter 2015 fashion trends bring excitement this year.

The fun, fresh local shop in St. George, Blue Linen Boutique helped me break down the seasons’ top 10 fall and winter fashion trends you should be sporting this year.

Flare Jeans

Yes, flare jeans have made a comeback. Women are setting aside their skinny jeans and replacing their denim with bell-bottoms. Nothing says casual-chic like a pair of flared jeans with wedge boots or a small-heeled boot.

fall winter fashion trends southern UtahFlannels and Plaid

It wouldn’t be fall without plaid. Whether it be cotton or flannel, it is a must-have piece for every wardrobe this season. Plaid shirts are so versatile you can wear them tucked inside a high-waist skirt, over a pair of leggings or just around your waist as an accessory.

Black and White

The classic color combination never goes out of style, so it’s hard to call it a trend, but remembering the color combo helps you rethink those items you already have in your closet. This classic trend can easily be adapted to pretty much anyone’s personal style.

fall winter fashion trends southern Utah


Are you looking for an investment piece for this fall? The answer is simple with the ankle booties at Blue Linen Boutique. You will find colors of all tastes with low and high heels.

Oversized Fits

There are plenty of different ways to wear this trend, but most women are afraid to try it. This style is extremely cozy, but keep in mind you need balance. For example, wear skinny jeans with a baggy sweater, or Harlem pants with a skinny top. Don’t wear more than one loose fit garment, otherwise you will look heavy and undone.


From bags and boots to pants and suede jackets, this seasons’ fringe is everywhere! There are many ways to rock the fringe without looking like you strolled in from the Wild West. The style is ideal for weekend dressing: relaxed, effortlessly cool and fun.

fall winter fashion trends southern UtahGraphic T-Shirts

Who doesn’t love a fitted or oversized graphic t-shirt? Blue Linen Boutique has several to choose from. Grab a t-shirt with a great all-over print or witty saying or an eye-catching graphic. Wear them under your plaid shirts or by themselves.

Dainty Jewelry

Time to put away all your chunky jewelry and large statement necklaces. The jewelry trend for this season is the small feminine dainty look. Layering dainty necklaces with barely there chains and simple charms give off a sweet, romantic and feminine vibe. Statement bracelets, cuffs and bangles are also here to stay. Try pieces that are interesting in shape and are architecturally inspiring.

fall winter fashion trends southern UtahSocks

Cozy colored socks or knee-high socks will spice up your fall wardrobe. You can combine them with different skirts, shorts, dresses and oversized sweaters. The socks fit perfectly with your oxfords, loafers, booties and even with your Birkenstock sandals.


Layers, layers and more layers. Fall is when you can add layers and make different outfit combinations that will help keep you warm during those cold days and at the same time keep you in style. There are ways to stay looking sleek and flattering while layering those clothes. A long tunic can skim over your hips, and place overtop a fitted leather jacket will nip at your waist for an ultra-flattering look. You can also create an optical illusion when you color-block pieces. For example, go lighter on top and darker on bottom to create a flattering silhouette.

Mix and match fashion this fall and winter to reflect your distinctive personality and make it uniquely your own. Have fun with your wardrobe this season!