furry nails
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Winter is almost over in Southern Utah, but the nights are still cold. Are you yearning for a cozy friend to cuddle up with at night or looking for a way to spice up your look?

The newest styling trend by Libertine could solve those problems with one new fashion trend: faux furry nails.

According to Cosmopolitan, Jan Arnold — style director and co-founder of CND nail polish — accessorized the fall looks at Libertine’s Fashion Week show with some cozy furry

furry nails
Photo via evesbizz

nails. Arnold created the furry look by painting each nail with Vinylux Weekly Polish in neutral shades (Rubble and Cream Puff), then adhering the brown or white faux fur to each nail.

The results look wild and bizarre and are probably not practical for every day. How are girls showering or washing their hands? Will the fur dry under the hand dryer? These are valid questions; let me know if you find the answers to them.

If the long fur is too much but you love the new trend, you could use MUA’s Fur Effect Nail art. The fluffy, fur-like powder is simply dusted over your regular polish while it’s still tacky. The texture comes in five different colors and gives off the illusion of fur on your nails.

If you want to wear hair on your nails, go for it! Personally, I will be bookmarking this look for Halloween.


 Furry nails

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