That’s right, southern Utah! The 2017 Summer Movie Edition of the Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge is back! Presented by The Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah, this creative, community-based storytelling outlet is open to folks of all ages and all skill sets. You’ll have from May 18 to June 12 to put together a short film using any resources available to you.

Those who wish to take part in this cinematic adventure must meet behind The Electric Theater on May 18 at 6 p.m. During this meeting, each participant will be given a theme inspired by an upcoming summer movie. Now, keep in mind that said themes will only be inspired by upcoming summer movies. Filmmakers will not be required to directly pay homage to the movie that inspired their given theme. It’s all about the theme itself.

There will be a $25 submission fee per film to be paid at this theme reveal meeting. The money collected will go toward cash prizes for the most creative short films of the bunch.
All of the completed short films will be played during “The 2017 Summer Movie Edition of the Guerilla Shorts Showcase” this June. Detailed info on this exciting all-ages event will be unveiled June 1.

If for whatever reason you can’t make it to the theme reveal meeting but you still want to participate, email Adam Mast at for information. Be sure to type “2017 Summer Movie Guerilla” in the subject bar.

The Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge has been going strong since October 2005. Whether you’ve made a short film before or not, everyone is encouraged to take part. The process of putting together a quick turnaround short film project is the thrill of a lifetime, but the added bonus of getting to share your short films on the big screen with a wildly enthusiastic packed house makes the whole endeavor even more exciting.

If you’ve ever dreamed of making a movie but weren’t quite sure where to start, The Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge is definitely for you. If you have made a movie before, The Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge is the perfect platform to hone your skills. Whatever your reason may be, this will be an experience you’re not likely to forget. The cinematic adventure begins in your own backyard.

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