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Karen Larsen
Karen Larsen

Washington County’s population of snowbirds has a hidden jewel. Karen Larsen, a resident of Santa Clara, demonstrates a unique approach to her accomplished nature photography. Karen specializes in floral images. Perhaps you may be familiar with her work. If Karen is new to you, you are in for a treat! The gallery of images at the close of this article are just the appetizer. The main course is served at Karen’s blog site. She actively posts on a regular basis. Dessert is served up by the Karen Larsen Photography Gallery!

Karen grew up in Temple City, California. She graduated from Temple City High School and Brigham Young University. She and her husband Jeff have been married for 44 years. They have five children and 12 grandchildren (so far). Karen ran an adoption program, sold real estate, and been a photographer for many years.

Karen Larsen’s overall approach

Karen Larsen’s pictures are intended to tell stories that will turn into a lifetime of memories. She describes it in her words: “I feel that pictures take us back in time to a special place, event, or help us recall a mood, a feeling, and special times with people we cherish.”

Karen’s personal flower photography style

This article focuses on Karen Larsen’s floral images. As mentioned above, her blog and her website provide a glimpse into all of her repertoire.

Karen describes her flower photography style in a rather meaningful way. “My floral images are usually filled with vivid colors, are busy rather than calm, and most always have unique lighting or interesting backgrounds. Rarely do I place my macro flowers on a plain white or black backdrop, as this is too commonplace and boring to me. Instead, I try to fill the frame with several unique elements that add interest and information, such as the time of day, or unusual weather conditions, or dramatic lighting that visually gives the viewer a sense of how my subject flower fits into the scene surrounding it.”

“While I most always have a main subject, I also try to have secondary subjects or additional composition elements that will attract the viewer’s attention,” she says. “I want to entice viewers to enjoy and stay involved with my image as long as possible! My philosophy is the longer an image can hold a viewer’s interest and attention, the more meaning and value it has for that person.”

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