Image: Tabercil

It appears to me that most people have become so entitled as the “valued customer” that they do not realize how horrible they are treating the employees, especially when most of them are just children. Every time I pick up my 16-year-old daughter from her work, she tells me stories of how adults are behaving very irrationally in their treatment of her. The most disturbing situation was when a very large grown man was so upset that my daughter could not refund his $5.00 ticket that he threw it at her and stormed out! She is a child, and he was a grown man. If I was standing there with her—or if she was just out on the street—would he have thrown something at her? No! So what entitles him or anyone to treat kids this way just because they are behind the counter?

Yesterday my daughter told me that a lady felt ripped off and told the manager—all the while pointing at my daughter—that “she should be fired.” This is at a “family” fun center, meaning these adults are in the presence of their own children while acting like this. My daughter says she sees the look of confusion on the kids’ faces because they thought they were there to have fun. Such gross behavior from the parent. They must look so ugly and witchy to the kids.

Whenever you go to a store, please be mindful of the people helping you, because most of these kids behind the counter are just that…kids. Kids who, by the way, have protective parents that would not appreciate it if you were threatening, throwing things, or pointing at them in such a manner. Think about if someone did it to your child.

Genial Hall
St. George