#macinsarmy Macin SmithCarlie Wall has joined #macinsarmy. Macin Smith is still missing, and she has written a song and made a music video to spread awareness and reach out to him. The use of the hashtag, #macinsarmy, has been identified in an attempt to create a way for all information to be centrally funneled in hopes of reaching Macin Smith. Wall’s connection to the search is personal providing her to see from a perspective most people will be hard pressed to understand. 

Wall’s mother is friends with Macin Smith’s mother, Tracey Smith. Having access to some of the personal details while watching her mom reaching out in assisting a friend with a missing child has touched Wall deeply. She is witnessing her mother’s reaction and desperation in dealing with the heart-wrenching difficulty this story carries. It has provided missing pieces of her own story. She also holds a unique position in being able to relate with a strong understanding of what Macin might be going through having runaway at his age herself.

#macinsarmy Macin Smith
Photo: Jean Thiriot

“I ran away as a teen and I understand how it feels,” Wall shared. “I left with nothing. I left everything at home when I left. I didn’t take money or anything. Not even clothes. I lived with homeless people.”

“I struggled with depression for years. I was very introverted and I kept who I was secret. If you listen to my album, that was my diary. That was what I was thinking and feeling. The only way I could express it was through music. I was 17. The same age as Macin. School was always tough. I always felt like no one liked me or cared about me. I had family problems and was just unsure with myself.”

#macinsarmy Macin Smith
Photo by Jean Thiriot

When Wall was on the run, she wasn’t thinking about looking at social media. She didn’t realize people were looking for her. Her whole life changed. She left and suddenly had to fight and fend for herself. Just focusing on surviving and being awakened to life as a runaway consumed her. Getting on social media or making contact was the last thing she was thinking about. It was several weeks after she ran away when someone told her she should check things out on social media.

“So, I listened and got on my Facebook and that’s when I realized people were looking for me! I was actually a missing person! It blew my mind.”

Wall chose to use music to reach out to Macin Smith. She wrote a song entitled “Take a Look at Me” for Macin and put it out as a music video as a tool to help spread the message. She hopes that people will click on her music video just to hear what it sounds like and, at the same time, see that the video is meant for Macin Smith and his #macinsarmy. Wall hopes someone will share the song with Macin. She wants him to hear the song and realize how much he is loved and cared about.

#macinsarmy Macin Smith“This song is a song of hope. It is not meant to be sad, it is meant to relate to the sadness. It is meant to bring hope from it. Music can change someone and their tough process. It really is such a miracle when you can hear a song and cry and know that song brought out a feeling in you. A feeling you possibly wouldn’t have felt or remembered without the heart of music to guide you. Maybe, if Macin hears this song he may find his reason to come home.”

For more information about the search efforts for Macin Smith, search #macinsarmy or the Help Find Macin Smith Facebook page.

Anyone with Information on the whereabouts of Macin Smith is asked to contact the St. George Police Department at (435) 627-4300 or Red Rock Search and Rescue’s Dave Cummings at (702) 787-4068.

#macinsarmy Macin Smith



  1. Beautiful song Carlie. You are an inspiration to many and let’s pray Macin can be reached and will return home soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing others a look at it from a different perspective. I’m happy that you found your way back to your loved ones. You seem like an amazing young woman. I’m sure Macin is a wonderful young man. I just hope that he realizes it and finds his way back to his family soon. As a mother of 4 sons, my heart goes out to Tracey Bratt Smith each day.

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. I think about Tracey as well and I hope this article can go far enough to pursue #macinsarmy and keep his name circulating in peoples heads. We all want him home. This community has been amazing searching for him and supporting this family in their time of need.

  4. This was very interesting. Before reading Carlies story about being a runaway I was thinking, he’s 17 he will come back. I didn’t realize that his main goal now is survival and he’s probably dealing with some tough situations and needs to know people need him to come home.

  5. I know Tracey and my heart is broken for her. Someone out there must have seen Macin!! Please keep sharing!!

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