September Springdale Zion National Park
Image: Doug Dolde

Written by Springdale Mayor Stan Smith

September is a wonderful month is Springdale. Temperatures are cooling down, and the nights are getting longer. The leaves will not be changing their colors for a month or so, but the canyon takes on a different color. The “golden oldies” come out in full force now that school is back in session. The problem is that there are a lot of golden oldies with the same idea, and Zion National Park is still full of visitors in September. The pace is slower and more relaxed as they have time to spend and enjoy the area.

If you really want to see the area, I suggest that you take the time to ask the Springdale locals where some of their favorite “outside the park” places to visit are located. Southern Utah has a lot of beauty to offer, and you can spend many September days in Springdale visiting not just Zion National Park but the other sites as well.

Welcome to Springdale, and enjoy our town.