Art Works Gallery exhibit Andrew Marvick
“The Vision of a Petromyzontiforme (of the Superclass Cyclostomata)” by Andrew Marvick

Andrew Marvick will be featured in a solo show at Art Works Gallery in Cedar City Friday, Nov. 18 from 5 to 8 p.m. The show, entitled “New Essays on Pentachromacy,” will feature a selection of new works by Marvick. The show is free and open to the public.

“I am an abstract painter, and an art historian,” said Marvick. “I’ve been a practicing painter for 43 years, but my productivity falls neatly into two separate periods: a traditional representational phase that lasted until 1989 and my current work in non-representational modes of expression. I am at home in both genres, and I see no good reason for the conflict which some feel persists between them. For me, painting is a natural and indispensable way of responding to life. I see the formal language of art as a universal one, independent of its content.”

Marvick grew up in Los Angeles with prolonged stays in London, Paris, Bonn, Vienna, Florence, and Sierra Leone. He received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, a master’s degree from UCLA, and a PhD from Columbia University. He also followed a course of training in academic art at the Accademia N. Simi in Florence, receiving his credenziale in figure-drawing there in 1978.

He taught at various California State University campuses and at UCLA Extension before taking a tenured position at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1997. In 2005, he migrated back west and settled in Cedar City as a professor of art history at Southern Utah University.

Art Works is located at 16 N 100 W in Cedar City. More information is available from Linda Kiley at (503) 810-0958 or

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