Orchestra of Southern Utah prepares to host annual Silver and Gold Soiree
Cedar City’s Jazz Decktett will perform at the Orchestra of Southern Utah’s Silver and Gold Soiree, photo courtesy of OSU

By Alex Szuhay

It has been another splendid season for the Orchestra of Southern Utah, which has embarked for the past six months on the melodic journeys of many composers, from Copland to Rossini and from Rachmaninov to Beethoven. It even had the great pleasure of introducing to Cedar City and the world an original composition by Mark Dal Porto. It would seem, then, that the time is soon upon us all for OSU’s third annual Silver and Gold Soiree to celebrate such an extraordinary season and a wonderfully supportive community. The soiree this year is under the direction of Suzanne Tegland and Ariel Rhoades.

On May 12 from 5 to 7 p.m., the orchestra will host the Silver and Gold Soiree at the new Iron Gate Winery location at 59 W. Center St. in Cedar City. Tickets will be $10 per person, which is well worth the price for an evening of hors d’oeuvres, live music, great company, and, of course, wine provided by our local winery. Delightful nonalcoholic sparkling juices will also be provided. Dress should be appropriate for a garden party, and silver or gold never hurts! Tickets can only be purchased in advance! Call Emily Hepworth at (435) 233-8213 and reserve yours today!

Music will be provided by some of the very same OSU musicians who have helped to make the magic possible this season. Live music performances this year will include the illustrious and talented Southern Utah String Quartet, the boisterous musicianship of the Jazz Decktett, and local bluegrass band Wilhelm, lead by OSU’s concertmistress.

There will also be a silent auction that will feature donations ranging anywhere from fine art or furniture to gift certificates and food, all made possible by generous local artists, contributors, and businesses in the community. All proceeds from the auction will help the orchestra fund another season and will assist with expensive needs such as music purchases and rentals or licensing fees for performance and recording. One piece of music can cost as much as $2,000 to rent!

Special thanks to Gregory A. Mauger of P&G Photography, who has provided a wonderful custom frame for the auction, as well as Carl Mazur for an exquisite acrylic print of Lower Antelope Canyon. For details on all items donated so far, Sara Penny has ongoing and current postings on Facebook.

Last year, the soiree raised around $5,000, a sensational amount and one most appreciated by every member of OSU. It is the greatest hope that this trend can be continued this year and that all in attendance have a wonderful time, support our orchestra, and leave with a little something nice.

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