Peace on Paper wonderful overdose Fielding AffectWritten by Jesse Field Call

What is the single most hindering block to becoming authentic? Simple, we make it complicated.

Here’s how I learned. I lived a life just like everyone else, and now I get to tell my story and share my experiences. I went from living the awesome life of an alcoholic to one of telling my story of awakening. Quite fun for me really, especially after transcending the most wonderful states such as shame, guilt and hopelessness. I love those teachers so much.

Just like everyone out there, I’m a perfectly valid slice of that grand apple pie we sometimes like to call “Source.” We are all made of the same stuff that Source is made of, so obviously we have the same qualities and powers. There is no limit to it, and it’s my play to demonstrate that truth in my own way, from my point of view.

In the middle of extreme, off-the-charts anxiety and panic, Source showed up in the form of an alternate personality and told me to stop, drop, and “take a knee.” Then, once “He” (I) got my attention, He said “Jesse, I want you to listen and listen only to me and follow directions very carefully. Here’s your first lesson: I want you to say ‘thank you.’ Thank you that you might die any second now, thank you that you might live, and thank you that you are in this situation.” Well, I was very much alone, and if I had been any less dying and in critical condition, I would have at least questioned those words, but not for a second in this case. Just one single choice remained for me.

On my knees, at the most wonderful and humble place in my heart and piercing through the impossibly powerful pain and anxiety, I struggled to clasp my hands together and said the quietest and most intense “thank you” I have ever uttered. I only did that because I was told to. I knew that, crazy or not, I was done for, and I was so grateful that I showed up when I did.

My given name is Jesse Field Call. Most of my life, I hated the name, “Field.” My friends use to make fun of it, and I was somewhat ashamed of it because of where I perceived its origin: the other side of the family, you know the side that has secrets and sin galore. But that’s also where my best friend and mother came from. She was the purest of souls, and I was always very close to her until she died quickly of pancreatic cancer, when we even became even closer. Since her passing, I’ve had two “God-Source” interventions along with many miracles, and I know she was responsible in a big way for all of them.

Whenever I think of my mom, I recall a scene in the movie, “Star Wars” when Ben Kenobi was in a duel to the death with the powerful Darth Vader. In the middle of fighting, he stops and says to Vader, “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Vader obliges, and Ben indeed he does become more powerful than he could have imagined, actually changing the balance of the force.

After all these years, I finally understood why “God-Source” and my parents gave me the name, “Field.” After much study, I decided that what “Field” really means is “the power of God within.” It’s based on both spiritual and scientific principles. The quantum field is where we go when we are in our own personal “groove.” We can be there when in meditation or “unsolvable” spiritual crisis. We can experience it while dancing, painting, or simply observing.

The “Fielding Affect” is related to the meditation effect in which meditative states achieved within people create a calming effect on others. When we do this in groups, we can have a marked positive influence on large populations, as in 70 percent decrease in crime, hospital visits, and accidents.

Enough research has been done that we even have a formula for its applications and effects. It’s as follows: The number of people in deep mediation must equal the square root of 1 percent of the total population. For 7,000,000,000, that’s 8,366 people. Simply put, not very many people are necessary to create hugely positive effects on our planet.

Through my life’s struggles and pain, I have now reached a place of understanding and observation, which ultimately creates awareness to create a life that is authentic to me and resonates into the quantum field for all of us. Each and every one of us has the power to create a very different and expansive experience on this planet. Will you choose to be one of the 8,366 and beyond?

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Peace on Paper wonderful overdose Fielding Affect
Jesse Field Call

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