Pink Party Linda Stay benefitPink Party Linda Stay benefit 2On Friday, Sept. 18, a community fundraiser to assist Linda Stay in her battle with cancer will be held at the DiFiore Center in St. George. Everyone is invited to this “Pink Party with Purpose: A benefit to support Linda Stay.” Organizers promise a dazzling evening on the beautiful grounds of the DiFiore Center while celebrating with friends, listening to amazing music, dancing under the stars, and getting a chance to win spectacular prizes.

The Pink Party with Purpose will take place from 6-9:30 p.m. The event will include the musical entertainment of Soul What!? and Carlie Wall. Admission is $10 per person, although larger donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible, and all proceeds will directly benefit Linda Stay to assist in the cost of ongoing medical expenses.

Linda Stay was diagnosed in January with an aggressive and invasive form of breast cancer. In March, she underwent a double mastectomy in order to prevent the rapid spread of the cancer. She has been undergoing critical therapies and treatment throughout the year.

Stay’s husband, Steve Stay, stated, “We have exhausted our resources, maxed out our credit cards, borrowed what we can against our vehicles and from high interest lenders. We’ve sold what we can to help take care of her so far.”

Other fundraisers have helped bridge the gap, but the family is still short of their financial goals for treatment.

“As a direct result of previous donations, Linda has been able to get many of the critical items and therapies she has desperately needed,” Steve said. “Even with all we have been able to do on our own, and what we have received from the generosity of family, friends, and the community, we are still $43,726 short. We know there are so many worthwhile places for people to donate their money, and we feel very fortunate to have people share with us in helping Linda receive the treatments and products she needs for the highest likelihood of victory over the cancer.

Pink Party Linda Stay benefit 3It was one month ago that Linda celebrated her last chemo infusion. Unfortunately, this does not mean she has gone through the toughest part of the ordeal. Although the 20+ inches of scars from her double mastectomy are numb and starting to lighten, the aggressive dose dense chemo regiment has left her in almost constant intense pain. Unable to walk without developing blisters on her feet, chronically fatigued, and struggling to find words that previously came so effortlessly are only but a few of the extreme hardships she contends with on a daily basis. She is hopeful most of these issues will improve over time and she can continue to maintain her positive outlook on life.

The biggest and most costly challenge is rebuilding her immune system, along with repairing the organ, teeth, and tissue damage caused by the chemo, drugs, and pain medications. The scariest part for the family and reason they need to stay aggressive with the immune building treatment is Linda’s extremely high recurrence score along with the large percentage of patients that have heart, blood, and liver issues in the years following the chemo treatments she has just completed.

Pink Party Linda Stay benefit 4The family knows what they need to do, but in their current financial condition they are having to pass on protocols needed today. It is hoped this fundraiser will assist in being able to have access to some of these needed treatments.

The Pink Party with Purpose benefit for Linda Stay promises to be a great time while supporting a deserving cause. The family invites the community to come be part of the celebration.

An ongoing medical fund donation site has been set up where donations can be made online.


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  1. “Stay’s husband, Steve Stay, stated, “We have exhausted our resources, maxed out our credit cards, borrowed what we can against our vehicles and from high interest lenders. We’ve sold what we can to help take care of her so far.””
    Has the thought of getting an actual job, been overlooked? I can see that it would be difficult for Linda Stay to work a full time job, but people do this every day. Life is ugly sometimes, and people do what they have to do, but what is her husband’s excuse? How do they imagine paying for the “high interest loans”,without jobs? Everyone would love to benefit from high priced vitamin treatments, also, but can’t afford them, so we do it the old school way of eating healthier. Also, have they considered not vacationing in Mexico, next month? Where does the extra $$$ for vacations come from? Donations meant for medical bills?
    I’m sorry, but, I see several deserving people in this town, working, while going through cancer treatments, and can’t even dream of a vacation in Mexico. Much less, several vacations in Mexico.

  2. Hello Sad and Confused,

    I must admit a level of sadness and confusion when I read your comments. It is obvious you know the Stays to some degree. I wish you knew them even better, as I am certain it would alleviate the concerns you have brought up. Having just lost my own son to cancer 3 weeks ago, I know how things can appear on the outside even when things are entirely different on the inside. I suppose, one could say it is an analogy to cancer. While things look like everything is fine from the outside, internally, there is much more going on than can be witnessed.

    I don’t intend to defend every point or answer every question. For this, I would urge you to ask of the Stays and determine whether or not you would care to assist. What I can/will address is that in fact they Stays (both of them) are self employed and working. Certainly, the cancer has slowed down Linda’s productivity. It has also slowed Steve’s ability as well. Thankfully, he has been able to assist in the care and treatment of Linda.

    The income has decreased due to the need for care arising. However, employment is still happening. Even if their income had not been dramatically reduced with the slowing in ability, I would suggest it would be difficult to meet the costs associated with treatment. Obviously, there are still costs of housing, utilities, food, living, that continue to accrue each month (the bills don’t take time off). Most of the nation is hard pressed to simply keep up from month to month–and only a paycheck away from financial devastation. Add in the healthcare costs of such an invasive and expensive illness and………. well, I think that is should be fairly well understood.

    As for Mexico. The Stays have certainly vacationed in Mexico and even had a place there at one point as they considered expanding their business operations at the time. I almost even got to go down for a vacation visit with them at one point. Good times for certain. But, cancer has applied the brakes with whiplash force. There has been and is hoped for a return to Mexico for some of the treatment. Thankfully, the medical option exists. The costs, while still prohibitive, are more affordable (though, to be honest, still expensive) there. Without the treatment there in years past, this current bout with cancer would not even be a concern.

    I’m not certain if you are aware of Linda’s health scare 20 years ago where she was only given a few months?

    If not, I’m certain that either or both Steve and Linda would be willing to address any of the individual questions and/or concerns you have. They without a doubt would far better equipped at providing the details than I am. Although I am unable to answer each and every point, I can attest to their character. The dedication and amazing charity they have given in time, care, tears, and dollars towards multiple causes.

    With their asking the public for assistance, I do get it. They need to be accountable and quiet frankly, open to public questioning. I just hope they will be afforded a genuine line of inquiry and not be subjected to condemnation and/or personal attacks.

    Again, I know how things can look from the outside and how easy it can be to assume based on limited information seen. I would encourage you to reach out and see if you might be judging wrongly.

    Best wishes for health and prosperity to you and yours, Sad and Confused. There isn’t anyone that I’d wish this shit on. It truly is a bitch!

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