Pro-life rape incestuous pregnancy women's rights reproductive freedomIn October of 2012, Thomas L. Friedman wrote a very compelling article for the New York Times called “Why I Am Pro-Life.” As a supporter of reproductive freedom and a woman’s right to individual choice, I was intrigued to read this article, not just because of his personal opinion and thoughts on the opposite end of the spectrum but because of his direct reference to the asinine statement that Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock made in regards to abortion.

Mourdock expressed his views on abortion and being pro-life, which is great. I’m not in the habit of disrespecting others’ opinions. However, there are moments when a person says something so incredibly horrific that someone should say something … and they did!

Pro-life rape incestuous pregnancy women's rights reproductive freedomHis comment came during a political debate, in which he stated, “I, too, certainly stand for life. I know there are some who disagree, and I respect their point of view … but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Huh? God intended for a woman to be violated, abused, and impregnated because there was no other considerable way that the miraculous One could give this little miracle fetus a physical life? Give me a break.

Okay, I get that this is old news. But, the point that he was trying to make stands forever as imbecilic and weak in terms of reproductive freedom. After being mocked and attacked about this comment from other political candidates, Mourdock went on to say that his words were twisted and that it was absurd and sick for someone to accuse him of suggesting that God would want and intend rape.

Is it just me, or is that not exactly what he said?

Pro-life rape incestuous pregnancy women's rights reproductive freedomThis warped mentality stands in the minds of simple men who have never had to deal with pregnancy as a side effect of rape and/or incest. I’m sure there are pro-life women in the world that agree with the idea that rape and incest are not just reasons to abort a pregnancy, but I will would never consider this debate from a source that had never been placed in that gruesome situation. Let me sit in front of and listen to a victim of rape or incest who has had to experience firsthand the devastation and impact, and then I’ll be more inclined to consider both sides.

The biggest rebuttal I have heard is that women have other options aside from abortion. Adoption is another option, yes, but the entire process of pregnancy, childbirth, and adoption can be as traumatic for the mother as the rape itself. So what does a pregnant rape victim do? What is the “right” choice for her?

To be completely fair, we have to consider that there is not a simple answer to that question and, in my opinion, there is not a “right” answer. She should be allowed her reproductive freedom. Her choices can be argued day and night by every living soul around her, but that choice should be hers to make.


Pro-life rape incestuous pregnancy women's rights reproductive freedom

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