girl-1538853_1920 (2)St. George gets lampooned on Saturday Night Live for “Footloose” ways

St. George again became the butt of a running joke about its restrictive dance policies, this time on NBC’s long-running Saturday Night Live skit “Weekend Update.”

The short skit featured Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost cracking wise about St. George’s infamous dancehall-permit ordinance.

“People in St. George Utah are upset about a new city ordinance that prohibits dancing events without a permit,” Jost explained to the audience.

“‘I’m on it,’ Said Kevin Bacon,” he continued as an image of Bacon from the 1984 movie Footloose about a group of teens who fight for the right to dance in a small religiously conservative town of Elmore Oklahoma.

Last week St. George became the center of national attention when a “Monster Mash” Halloween-themed dance at Fiesta Fun Center was broken up by St. George police officers who instructed the management tell the patrons to stop dancing.

City officials say the promoter did not hold the proper permit required by St. George city. St. George Mayor Jon Pike has since commented on Facebook and in emails that the city is considering a revision of the ordinance at an upcoming council meeting.

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