Spring hairstyle trendsSpring is here. The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bloom, and you can finally feel the kiss of sun on your skin. Although shoes, handbags, and clothing are considered the main accessories for trend setting, hairstyles can add a fresh new take on your look. And this season it is all about the sleek to undone designs.


fishtail braids

Spring hairstyle trendsFishtail braids are a favorite of mine. They can be worn anywhere, anytime. Simple and stylish!






dutch braids

Spring hairstyle trendsDutch braids can be just as sassy as they can be sweet. This hairstyle works best on damp, towel-dried hair. Once you set your braids, you can leave them in for a few days.





lived-in wavy hair

Spring hairstyle trendsThis look is on the grunge side but is simple and flawless. All you have to do is shower, brush the tangles from your hair and let it sit. Hawaiian glam aside, these sexy waves tend to have a retro appeal.





center parts

Spring hairstyle trendsThere is always something attractive about the perfection of a center part. It brings out the youth in a person and just looks clean.




over the shoulder chopped bob

Spring hairstyle trendsLong hair used to be idealized, but now trends show that designers prefer short cuts above the shoulder.








Spring hairstyle trendsThis is a fast, easy, and effortless look. The wet look has been around for a few seasons and isn’t fading out yet. Gel will be a friend of yours with this hot look, make sure the hair is sleek and chic.





a bit of grunge and dreadlocks

TSpring hairstyle trendshe disheveled grunge look is a big part of the spring trends this season. The hair looks gorgeous but gives off a shampoo-less design. Dreads and messy braids give off the effect of grunge and are considered one of the coolest overall looks for spring.






spring hairstyle trends

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