The Wedding SingerBig hair, clashing patterns, and colors mixed with costume pearls, shoulder pads, garish makeup, synthesizers…and of course Boy George. “The Wedding Singer,” the 1998 hit film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore includes all of the above and then some. In 2006 this iconic comedy strut its stuff across the stage in full BIG 80s fashion. With the exception of an original score by Matthew Skylar and lyrics by Chad Beguelin, the stage adaptation sticks to the film’s story line nearly scene for scene, something I know fans will appreciate. If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying this awesome film, I will NOT ruin a The Wedding Singerthing. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Or better yet, catch it live on stage at the Opera House right here in our own backyard. Bursting with comedy, rockin’ music, and Aqua Net, the show is a must see riot regardless of age, political or religious affiliation.

Speaking of age, one aspect that was difficult for me was the age of the actor playing the lead role of Robbie Hart. Stockton Myers is a highly talented performer and nailed his songs, but his young face and mannerisms kept me from believing him as a character who is 10 plus years his senior.

Sarah Warr, who played Julia Sullivan, seemed flat at times but that’s understandable given that she had the difficult task of playing the straight character in a zany comedy. Her vocals though, were among the The Wedding Singerbest in the cast. She was able to sing any style thrown her way.


15 year old Lainee McDonald played the role of Holly, the lead’s best friend. She was a little too nice in the role. There could’ve been a bit more edge and snarkiness to her character (“The Wedding Singer” takes place in New Jersey, after all). But she knocked it out of the park with her songs, especially in the number “Saturday Night in the City,” she justThe Wedding Singer needs to enunciate more in general.


A few others with show stealing moments are: Jacob Beecher as Grandma Rosie (Grandma Roro!), with her (his) bad-ass moves, killer rhymes, and the fanciest moo-moo around. Brennan Walters as Sammy, one of Robbie Hart’s band-mates. Nearly every scene he was in my eyes were on him and his oh so awesome Flock of Seagull’s hairdo. His energy was always up and going, and his voice was outstanding. Lastly, Hank Mason playing Julie’s fiancé Glen Guglia as the The Wedding Singerperfect 80s businessman creep.


As a whole, the cast was awesome — aside from some strained acting moments. With eye-catching choreography and some of the best, and funnest, costumes I’ve seen, they really set the party feel and kept the audience’s attention.

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer is performing for one more week, this Thursday – Saturday so make sure to grab yourself a Little Debbie Hostess Cake (you’ll get it when you see the show!) and get your tickets for a loud, riot of a show that will keep you entertained throughout. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 435-628-8755.