week23These horoscopes are provided for entertainment purposes only. The authors cannot be held responsible for any decisions or actions based, in whole or in part, on any of the information presented herein. Really, even if you believe in horoscopes (especially if you believe in horoscopes), you shouldn’t listen to anything listed herein … wait, drink water. There, that’s some advice you can heed.You may think you’re eating candy corn this week, but it’s really just regular corn. Monsanto doesn’t know where the line is.


Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaYou may think you’re eating candy corn this week, but it’s really just regular corn. Monsanto doesn’t know where the line is.




Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaTwo angels will appear at your doorstep. But because they will have large, magnificent wings, you’ll dismiss them as trick-or-treaters, give them bite-size PayDay bars, and close the door, plunging mankind into 500 years of darkness. (Angels are allergic to peanuts, genius.)



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaYou will ensure your place in history this week by pioneering a daring new sexual maneuver called the “Monster Mash,” after which you will also accompany six people to the emergency room for severe internal bleeding.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaWhen what appears to be a zombie comes knocking at your door asking for candy, let him in and wash his feet. It’s your lord and savior, Jesus Christ risen from the dead. But don’t let your guard down, because he _is_ looking for brains.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaThis week, you will invent the One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People’s Political Party as a Halloween prank. Later this week, the FBI will arrest you for communist activities.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaI would say this is the week to pretend you’re something you’re not, but since that’s what you do every day, I’ll just suggest you just try being less of an ass about it.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaHalloween only comes one day a year, but the mental scars you can cause with inappropriate practical jokes last a lifetime.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaAll the powers in the Universe came together to make all of your dreams possible today, but since you’re still dealing with a hangover from last night’s Halloween party don’t expect much to come of it.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaRemember that thing you mumbled under your breath yesterday? Yeah, I heard that. You’re on your own this week, jerk.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaYou’ve been told lighting your farts on fire is childish. That may or may not be true. What is true is that after trying it this week your butt will be as hairless as a new born.



Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaA trip to a local haunted house will trigger memories of an old man sewing you together from scavenged body parts. They’re false memories. What actually happened is your dad sewed your penis back onto your drunken, unconscious body after you tried to mow the lawn naked again.


Your weekly Horoscope Trippy KoalaRemember, Halloween doesn’t have to end with October. Dressing like a freak and eating junk food is lifestyle not just a holiday.




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