Youthlinc accepting applicants for Utah Young Humanitarian AwardYouthlinc accepting applicants for Utah Young Humanitarian Award

Young people in Utah who volunteer may be eligible for a $5,000 college scholarship from Youthlinc, which is now accepting applications for the 2018 Youthlinc Utah Young Humanitarian Award. The scholarship is open to high school juniors and seniors and full-time undergraduate students in the state of Utah. Graduate students are ineligible. The application deadline is March 1.

“This award not about the number of hours you have logged or the major projects you have accomplished,” said 2017 finalist Easton Bowring. “The judges aren’t looking for the person with the most impressive resume. They are looking for a humanitarian. It is about the genuine service you are giving to your community and the little tasks that make a major difference.”

Over the past 12 years, over 1,000 students have applied for the Young Humanitarian Award. Each young person has had a unique area of focus in helping others. Past winners of the award have volunteered mentoring youth, empowering refugees and immigrants, fighting for social equality, or simply spreading small acts of kindness.

“This award celebrates Utah students and the impact they have had in the community,” said Youthlinc local service director Shannon Moss. “Many scholarships require students to look at their academic achievements or athletic ability. The Young Humanitarian Award gives applicants the chance to reflect on all the different ways they have made a difference in the lives of others around them. With this criteria, any young person who serves others is qualified to apply.”

Prospective entrants can apply online.

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