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Jason Gottfried is a freelance editor, writer, and multi-instrumental musician and composer transplanted to Utah from Nashville by way of Gainesville, Florida. He was formerly opinion editor of The Independent and wrote album reviews, opinion pieces, and satire news. Before that, he was editor of SOKY Happenings magazine and wrote a column, The Vociferous Vegan. He was also general manager of Nashville’s fabled The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant and briefly co-owner of Gainesville's longtime staple vegetarian restaurant, Book Lover's Cafe. When he is away from the computer, he plays between Colorado and California as a live and session musician. Locally, he can be seen performing with David Jorgensen as a drummer and guitarist. He has an amazing fiancee, Jamie Ritter; a wonderful daughter, Sky; and a bad cat, Squeakyboots. His albums with Sean McDonald as ambient electroacoustic duo Vesica Piscis are streaming online for free: