mainstream media alternative media 2016 presidential electionDo you trust the media? Not the “liberal media,” not the “conservative media,” but the overall mainstream media — the increasingly maligned “MSM,” 90 percent of which is controlled by only six companies. Or do you trust the alternative media, now being branded as the “alt-right”? I trust neither. They’ve both done a piss-poor job of reporting the facts to the people about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the 2016 presidential election.

Public trust in the government and the media is at an all-time low, and for good reason. According to a Pew Research Center poll from 2015, 19 percent of Americans said that they trust the government in Washington to do what is right “just about always” (3 percent) or “most of the time” (16 percent). Something tells me that those numbers haven’t improved. Half a century ago, these numbers were skewed in the opposite direction.

I’ve written before that I generally avoid the media. I don’t own a television, and don’t listen to the radio. I do these things for the same reasons why I don’t drink, do drugs, eat at restaurants, eat animal products, why I try to eat only organic, etc.: I like to keep trash and poison out of my body and mind as much as I can. When I am curious about what’s going on, I will visit a mainstream media site like Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Breitbart, Drudge Report, etc. Then I’ll browse an aggregator site for alternative media like, similar to Huffington Post.

We should be cautious about the emotionally loaded term, “conspiracy theory.” People like to completely dismiss all alternative media using this term as an insult.

Conspiracies happen. Theorizing about them is not radical behavior. A child who suspects that his parents rustling about together behind locked doors are wrapping Christmas gifts is theorizing about a conspiracy. His parents are conspiring in order to deceive the child so that he or she will not suspect what they are doing. The child’s speculation is not insane or bizarre; it’s logical. He has created a “conspiracy theory” about his parents’ behavior.

Our government and elected officials are not trustworthy. Examining the facts and creating hypotheses in an attempt to deduce the truth in an age where the truth is hard to come by is not insane or bizarre; it’s logical. Jumping to conclusions isn’t productive, nor is paranoia. But there is a fine line between caution and paranoia, and caution is wise. Theories are healthy as long as they remain theoretical until proven.

In the case of large events such as 9/11 or the Sandy Hook shooting, many of what were branded “conspiracy theories” ended up being true. I think it’s good in these endeavors to allow your brain to explore as far as it can without dragging your heart along for the ride.

Along those lines, I don’t believe everything I read, and I don’t read news to learn the truth. I would be an idiot if I did. I do this to hear what stories are being told by different sides, knowing that the truth is somewhere in the middle, or maybe somewhere between the lines or outside the margins.

When someone professes to be innocent and is caught in a ruse, it doesn’t necessarily prove that they aren’t innocent, but it does prove that they are hiding something.

It’s plain as day that the mainstream media purposely distort the truth and lie by omission. They would be working against their own interests were they to do otherwise. And the alternative media, who are making far less money (if any), seem to have a tendency to confirm a bias more often than examine evidence — although with large-scale events like 9/11 or the Sandy Hook shooting, it’s clear that the alternative media are more willing to examine evidence than the mainstream media, who have a pre-written narrative to uphold at any given moment, facts be damned.

While sometimes each group seems to hit the nail on the head, and while I am making a sweeping generalization here that is clearly not 100 percent accurate 100 percent of the time, the alternative media seem to jump to inflammatory, dramatic conclusions with insufficient evidence whereas the mainstream media appear to have a prewritten script in support of which they cherry-pick information.

In addition, and this is also a sweeping generalization, the mainstream media seem to lean further and further to the secular or Jewish left while the alternative media seem to lean further and further to the Christian right. And the mainstream media’s almost unanimous complicity in Clinton’s campaign is particularly unnerving in light of her promise to eradicate alternative media if and when she is elected president.

That’s called state censorship, y’all. Watch as the jaws of death slowly enclose the Fourth Estate, finalizing the slow shift from private news organizations to a state propaganda machine the likes of which the old Soviet Union would have envied and North Korea would take notes from. We’re not there, but we’re moving in that direction.

To illustrate the once arguable and now blatantly transparent liberal agenda of the mainstream media, I invite you to visit Huffington Post and read anything about Donald Trump. Anything. At the bottom of the article, you’ll see a boilerplate editorial note:

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

It’s all true, but how’s that for some liberal bias? The stench of desperation is unbearable.

Here’s something you won’t see from Huffington Post or its faux-news cronies:

Editor’s note: Hillary Clinton regularly lies to cover her misdeeds and manipulate the public and is a serial murderer, embezzler, globalist, imperialist, and traitor to the American people who has helped ruin the food supplies of entire nations and has helped facilitate the importation of illegal drugs into the U.S. for decades.

That’s also all true. In fact, its really just the tip of the iceberg. (And I don’t have time in this article to list every crime Clinton has committed, but if you’d like a brief yet comprehensive primer, I recommend this article. Here’s one that’s just about the Clinton body count. There are numerous documentaries online.)

The “fair and balanced” (wink) thing for Huffington Post to do would be to append that editorial note to the end of everything published about Clinton … but, of course, it doesn’t. Blame corporate ownership, blame editorial and readership bias, blame political corruption, blame stupidity, but it’s typical of the mainstream media to behave this way anymore.

Leaked emails have demonstrated Clinton to be little more than George Soros’ lackey, and under her direction the State Department has been selling special treatment for what amounts to nothing more than bribery.

As Clinton has held over 300 fundraisers, only five have been open to the press. What promises is she making behind closed doors? You see, she makes promises to the rich and powerful. They give her money to advertise in order to convince you to elect her. Then the media-consuming sheep vote for her against their own interests.

Check out the way both sides treat Clinton’s health … or the lack thereof.

The mainstream media have largely ignored or minimized the issue. Sometimes they make asinine, beside-the-point observations about other presidents who had health problems. To me, that comes across more as a tacit admission of the issue as there would be no reason to dodge if there were nothing to dodge.

The alternative media, on the other hand, are quick to jump to conclusions. Some claim to see a wandering left eye that I’m just not seeing and jump to all sorts of wild conclusions instead of sticking to what is known. For example, she has worn glasses fitted with a Fresnel-prism lens to correct the eye’s wandering. This could be due to a concussion, one of which she did sustain years earlier in a plane crash in 2012 and another which was sustained from a fall in 2012. Or it could be a symptom of Parkinson’s disease. There are a few tangible reasons for the wandering eye. But some voices in the alternative media jump to drastic conclusions, which doesn’t help their already much-scrutinized credibility. Were they to just stick to the facts, they would appear less to be wearing tin-foil hats.

The alternative media are the only ones asking questions and holding up evidence and facts for public scrutiny, and that’s the job of a journalist.

On the other hand, check out this YouTube video. It’s by a group or person whom I’ve never heard of, Esoteric Detective. In this video, the narrator points out how Clinton used a green screen to create the appearance of speaking at a rally held in Greensboro Sept. 15. This was allegedly her first appearance after collapsing six days earlier and retreating not to a hospital but to her daughter’s “apartment,” a building that was formerly a medical facility. (I’ll just leave you to scratch your heads over that on your own.)

In this video, compelling evidence demonstrates that Clinton is too far away from the background for it to have taken up the entire width of the screen during her speech, when the camera faces her head-on. Furthermore, and I can’t believe that they were this sloppy, Clinton is shown to phase in and out whereas the background doesn’t change (at about 2:10). Either she’s a hologram or she’s in front of a green screen.

When someone professes to be innocent and is caught in a ruse, it doesn’t necessarily prove that they aren’t innocent, but it does prove that they are hiding something.

The video also discusses rumors of a post Sept. 11 body double and approaches the concept with a degree of skepticism. It makes a few comparisons between images of Clinton prior to and following Sept 11, admitting that perhaps they are unconvincing.

Then it does a palm comparison (at about 4:50) that demonstrates that the “new” Clinton that is a little more compelling.

Whether this video proves anything is beside the point here. What I’m focusing on is the fact that the mainstream media will never mention these elements. They will turn a blind eye and focus singularly on their script. The alternative media are the only ones asking questions and holding up evidence and facts for public scrutiny — you know, doing what journalists are supposed to do.

Speaking of facts, what is perhaps most damning to Clinton’s dubious claim to good health is WikiLeaks’ release of her emails, in which Hillary can be seen investigating drugs that are used to treat Parkinson’s disease. While it doesn’t prove anything, that’s the kind of evidence that doesn’t make one look like a raving lunatic when building a case.

By the way, you can browse Hillary’s emails yourself on WikiLeaks. At least someone is defending the American people’s interests.

Come on, sheeple. George H. W. Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton.

On the other side of the aisle, Trump isn’t exactly getting the treatment that the left is giving Hillary Clinton. In fact, not only has he largely received a nonstop public flogging at the hands of the mainstream media but prominent Republicans, in an unprecedented display of disloyalty (and desperation), are siding with the pro-establishment, pro-Isreal, pro-regime, pro-corporatocracy, pro-narcocracy Hillary Clinton. Why wouldn’t they?

Presidential elections were never about issues like gun control, abortion, environmental stewardship, etc. Those issues exist in the narrative to sway the gullible little peons. Rather, these elections are about money and power on the global scale, and that’s all they’re about.

Come on, sheeple. George H. W. Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton.

Do you get it yet?

The Republican Party is losing voters — frequently even from its upper echelon — to the Democratic nominee. This is kind of a big deal as it exposes the superficiality of bipartisan separation. The people who want the establishment to continue to bulldoze its way through history want Hillary in office. They don’t care about issues; they care about the money and the power. And they fear that, under Trump, the carefully-arranged power structure is going to get shaken up like a snow globe. And they don’t want that. That scares them so much that they will vote for their political enemy.

That should scare you.

Personally, I see little to gain in participating in the upcoming presidential election at all. I do not care to waste my time in another sham election. Why participate in a sick game wherein we pretend that this ridiculous facade is democracy? There’s no dignity in being taken for a fool. The Electoral College has been given the task of electing presidents, not the American people. Were I voting, I would have to vote for Jill Stein — although thanks to the mainstream media’s corralling of candidates into a stagnant, lose-lose two-party system, she stands no chance of winning. If she weren’t running, I’d settle for Gary Johnson, weirdo that he is. But at the absolute very bottom of the list is Hillary Clinton, for whom I would never vote unless we were voting on whether or not she should spend some time in a federal penitentiary. If Hillary Clinton had not manipulated the Democratic National Convention to eliminate Bernie Sanders, he would absolutely be our next president, hands down. I would never reward her treasonous behavior with a vote. I would have to either write in Daffy Duck or vote for Trump.

While Trump as president would be like a bull in a china shop, Clinton would be like a vampire in a nursery. I’ll take a room full of broken plates over a room full of undead babies.

That’s right. Magnificently unelectable as he is, I’d vote for even Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in a heartbeat.

Both candidates are incalculably unqualified for the presidency. But with a gun held to my head, I’d vote for Trump without any hesitation because it would be better to have a complete and total buffoon who can’t be controlled by anyone in the White House than someone as ruthless, calculating, conniving, and corrupt as Hillary Clinton. While Trump as president would be like a bull in a china shop, Clinton would be like a vampire in a nursery. I’ll take a room full of broken plates over a room full of undead babies.

Despite delusional leftist media hype, I think that Trump win the election. Hillary is crashing and burning in polls lately, although those have been tampered with in the past as well, and at any rate they don’t always accurately predict what will actually happen, so we really don’t know for sure. If Trump does win, we are in for a bumpy four years, and no one can say where exactly we will be in 2020. But one can predict where we will be under another four years of the Bush/Clinton dynastic rule.

No amount of idiocy on the part of Donald Trump — and his idiocy is undeniably tremendous — could disqualify him for the presidency to the extent that Clinton’s own political career disqualifies her.

If Clinton wins, it will not be due to rigged polls or voter fraud. Well, maybe it will. But moreover, it will demonstrate the utter helplessness of the American mind in the tentacles of the mainstream media. It will illustrate how the media can manipulate public opinion by sticking to its corporate script while carefully avoiding the truth. And it will demonstrate conclusively who really runs this “democratic” country: the dollar bill.

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  1. great… couldn’t have said it better… As a news junky I come from a different angle, but it doesn’t matter as you reach the same conclusion if you truly diversify and watch the full spectrum including international news outlets. You nailed it in this article.For once I feel somebody in the media understands my point of view. Clay, I hope you get it. LOL. sincerely your favorite parasitic commentor. 🙂

  2. Buwahahahahahahahaha…so, I see Jason is either a “truther” or a “birther” or maybe both. Hey, Jason, maybe you should pick up a copy of City Weekly once in awhile and see how John Saltas and company do it right up in big bad old SLC. “For years we’ve heard about the corruptness of the Clinton Foundation, not months.” So, as Goebbels is reported to have said, if one repeats a lie long enough, people will believe it? And comparing the Clinton Foundation to ANYTHING Trump has done or does is what the rest of us might call “false equivalency.” Go back to Nashville young man.

    • Dear Mr. Don Elkins, having a bad day? I didn’t say anything about the Clinton Foundation. Even if I had, comparison is not equivalency. Aside from a little ad hominem attack, some unprovoked hostility, and a dash of weirdness, you haven’t actually debunked anything I said. Nothing. Aside from confusing comparison and equivalency (a real zinger), you failed to counter even a single argument with so much as a shred of opposing evidence of any kind, nor were you able to provide even a weak opposing viewpoint, a flaw in my logic, or a relevant or even lucid observation. Just another angry reader who can’t think leaving another bizarre, pointless rant. You can put your big-boy pants on and enter the conversation like an adult, you can put your OTHER foot in your mouth if you’re not done embarrassing yourself, or we can try to find a coloring book for you. Or maybe someone just needs a nap.

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