DSU professor organizes St. George March for ScienceIn conjunction with the science marches across the country, Dixie State University biology professor Dr. Erin O’Brien and a group of community members will lead a nonpartisan March for Science in St. George. The march will be held April 22 at 10 a.m. and will begin and end at Town Square Park in St. George.

“We are holding the event because we feel that the value and importance of science in our country is often taken for granted,” O’Brien said. “Science is what made our country great by introducing major innovations that give us our current standard of living and our economic edge around the world.”

The theme of the march is “Kites with Keys” in honor of Benjamin Franklin’s famous 1752 experiment. Participants are invited to bring kites decorated with pro-science messages to fly during the event.

The organizers decided to hold the march without a permit in order to avoid closing down streets, and the route will stick to sidewalks. Some organizers will arrive at 9 a.m. to assist anyone who wishes to build a last-minute kite.

After the march, some participants plan on taking their kites to the Kite Festival and literacy fair at DSU and the Earth Day celebration in Springdale.

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