Becca Clason presents at SUU’s Art InsightsBecca Clason presents at SUU’s Art Insights

By Tracy Solimeno

SUU’s Department of Art & Design welcomes lettering artist and stop-motion animator Becca Clason as an Art Insights speaker Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. at Southern Utah Museum of Art. Clason will share how she found her niche, pursued what she really loved, and was able to get her work noticed in a saturated industry and why she thinks passion projects are essential to staying inspired and being successful. The event is free and open to the public.

Clason is based in Salt Lake City and founded the Salt Lake Lettering Club and Letter West an annual retreat in Bear Lake, Utah. She studied advertising and graphic design at Brigham Young University. She utilizes a keen eye for design, color, and placement to create mouthwatering stop-motion animation, time-lapse videography, and lettering design for organizations like Disney, Sabra, General Mills, Starbucks, and American Express.

Clason began as an advertising director and graphic designer in New York before establishing her freelance design firm. Her work is hands on rather than computer based, and everything from peppers and lentils to lipstick and nail polish serve as both the inspiration and the media for her delightful creations.

“Much of my inspiration comes from music, mixed-media art, and the desire to make something beautiful with layers and flow,” Clason said in an interview with Kara Cutruzzula. “I want my tactile designs to be a piece of art as well as advertising, so I always visualize how the colors and textures of the lettering materials, backgrounds, and props will look together as a finished piece.”

Art Insights is hosted during the fall and spring semesters by SUU’s Art & Design faculty. Students and community members meet to learn from presentations and discussions from visiting artists and art educators located throughout the nation who share their work and insights.

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